A. We’ll be buying groceries from online supermarkets with personal data. We’ll be trading our emotions, reactions and preferences on the personal data stock market.

B. We’ll have full autonomy over our data via a programmatic rights based system and signal to devices collecting information about us what’s allowed, what…

Our Data Future, project and illustrations licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s 2030. You’re living in your ideal world. How does it look like? What role does data play in this future?

This is an open invitation to go on a journey and explore four speculative scenarios about what the world might look like, depending on the way we choose to…

Pawel Kuczynski — Propaganda

When the news broke that Cambridge Analytica had harvested millions of Facebook users’ personal data — and then used that information to influence elections — the fallout was swift. …

Owni /-), Data money, CC BY NC

This piece was written as part of my Mozilla Fellowhip with Privacy International, where I focus on data ownership and concentration of corporate power. The original post is available here.

Dear will.i.am,

We saw your piece in the Economist and were very excited to learn that you care about privacy…

Pawel Kuczynski — soap bubbles

They are called third party cookies and because of a bad mix between poor implementation of European privacy rules and refusal to acknowledge the Do Not Track standard they are now eating up a good part of our online experience.

My experience turned into a very time consuming and frustrating…

The European Union’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is being tested across Europe. The first GDPR privacy case in Romania began with an investigation that was published on November 5 about a corruption scandal involving a politician and his close relationships to a company being…

Valentina Pavel

Legal adviser and digital rights advocate. Core @ApTI_ro member and 2018–2019 Mozilla Fellow at Privacy International

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