Kids — those uncontrollable little creatures

So a few days ago I was at a store looking to buy some potpourri and I was carelessly wandering through the store when I witnessed this rather hilarious episode.

Customer: [Frantically] I need help; I seemed to have lost my kid while shopping. He was harassing me to go pee pee and I asked him to hang on a little while longer. He must have wandered off.

Sales girl at the store: [Concerned] Sure, I’d love to help you. Can I have a description of the kid please?

[As the customer goes on to describe her kid, her co-worker frantically tries to wave her hands at her trying to get her attention. The sales girl finally looks and her and then follows her hands to the direction they are pointing in.]

Sales girl at the store: Uhhhh ma’am, is that your kid? [Pointing in the direction of sanitary ware section.]

Customer: [Looks aghast] Yes, it is, but now I’m wishing he wasn’t!

[The kid apparently could hold it any longer and was relieving himself into a commode kept on display]