Quick tips and tricks about customer service in e-commerce business


These 10 things are essential to e-commerce customer service:

  • Create a FAQ section (it will not only help your visitors answer some questions fast, but will also serve as a SEO tool with the opportunity to target long-tail keywords)
  • Add live chat support (should be operational during customers active hours)
  • Choose helpdesk solution to grab messages from all sources (omnichannel support)
  • Set up confirmation and update emails
  • Be ready to provide 24/7 support if your clientele is worldwide
  • Create an online knowledge base (to cover up all knows questions)
  • Create indicative guides and film useful videos (if your product involves some learning curve)
  • Use social networks to communicate with customers
  • Write clear and short warranty policy and return policy
  • Measure customers satisfaction

Tip: prepare your team for seasonal peaks. Your support heroes should work additional hours before and during busy holidays if the necessity arises.


  1. Create highly specific and targeted chat messages to visitors at your web-site
    You can talk to people browsing your web-site, modern chat tools allow such customization. Think about their needs, what they look for, why they open a particular page — and offer assistance first.
  2. Listen to social media
    Use social monitoring tools to know where they talk about you. Gather opinions, engage in discussion, show that you care.
  3. Think of incentives
    Your support team can have an insight of what could serve as a catching incentive for new and existing customers.
  4. Add a little extra
    Same as with incentives, you can add a tiny extra with every purchase to make it unique. Surprise your customers by gifting something minor yet touching. Your support heroes are a good source of ideas.
  5. Gather feedback
    Post-sales is a perfect time to catch a minute of your buyer’s attention and grab a few words of feedback.
  6. Provide free shipping
    Free shipping option is always beneficial in the eyes of customers. It may even be the deciding point.
  7. Invest time and money into web-site search
    This feature must be thoroughly tested to return good results and keep your customers engaged.
  8. Collect WOW stories
    When your customers are wow’ed by your service, they can turn it viral. Or you can turn it viral — just collect your wow stories and share them.

Originally published at dreamsupport.io