Once in a while, I take a break from myself — because, besides my happiness and my willing to stay freaking positive everytime life gives me a shitty moment (not the healthiest thing one can do, trust me on that), myself is full of worries and demons. Yes, don’t put that face. Myself is too busy being there for everyone, anytime. And that is ok, yes, but sometimes is too much. You forget to be there for you too and when you’re not there for you, you can’t be there for others — so you step away, slowly, then you wake up one day, lost and broken, and there’s no one there for you — and that’s ok too because we are supposed to be enough for us, to be self-sufficient, they said.


Self-sufficient my ass — we need love and I’m not talking about that kind of love from a relationship but the one that makes us smile and stay confident. Like a cold beer, you know what I mean? Or could be a friend, the lady from the market, your trainer, a man holding the door for you, stuff like that, sorry, a love like that. We need to be supported, no matter how silly or weird is our dream, our situation, our thing that moves us. Our ”that’s why I’m still here”, ”that’s why I’m still holding on”. Everyone feels different. We like different things, we believe in different things, we act in a different way — but that is not a reason to judge or to finger point. We can be united in differences.

So, what I mean is that we need to get busy for us, living. Work for that moment of glory by going out, kick ass. Life is not all glitters and sparkles, who says different, well, perhaps is f****ng trying to sell ya something. Don’t be afraid to accept your flaws and deal with them. Don’t cover them up in that crap called positivism and expect them to go away — it’s like wrapping a shit and expect to be the best present by putting a gift bow on top. Don’t be afraid to get a bit dirty — dirt is satisfaction, merit, engagement. Easy ain’t quality.

So don’t go with the flow, create waves.