My impression was that the people of the modern Macedonian Republic consider themselves the…

of course we consider our selves a descendants of ancient Macedonians.As you wrote previously the original kingdom of Philip II was on the north of the region called Macedonia(today’s Republic of Macedonia).The ancient historian Herodotus wrote that Philip II was banned from the Olympic games since he was consider a barbarian (non -Hellenic) and those games at that time were only for Hellenic tribes.Also , Alexander the Great(the son of Philip II) had only Macedonians as his closest officers by his side and when he got angry he use to curse on a language unfamiliar of the Hellenic people( Herodotus writings, not mine).He spread the Hellenic culture influenced by his teacher Aristotle which is quite normal(that’s the way he was thought).The obsession of modern Greek state for not allowing Republic of Macedonia to use its own natural name in international organizations is beyond every stupidity. Geographically Republic Macedonia is within the region of Macedonia , so it is very natural to be called by its own name, since there is no other country recognized by that name.I hope I cleared something up for you Mr.Thomas

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