My impression was that the people of the modern Macedonian Republic consider themselves the…

Thanks for your comment Ben,and for not taking sides on this mater. My stand may look subjective (which is quite normal by the way :) ),but the truth is based on facts and the fact is that my country is placed in the northern part of the region called Macedonia.Southern part is in Greece as well as some of the eastern part.Very small part of the eastern regional Macedonia is placed in Bulgaria.It is normal for us to use the name of our country republic of Macedonia, since there is no other country with that name.If somehow by any chance, the northern part of Greece declares independence and call them selves Southern Macedonia, than we will probably name our country Northern Macedonia, just to distinct ourselves from the country on the south.As for the origin of today's Macedonian, I don’t know of any exodus of ancient Macedonians, or maybe their extinction.They didn’t just died…they carry on living there,in the Macedonia.Yes, through out the centuries some other nations , tribes have come and go to the region Macedonia.It is normal that they leave their marks there,some stayed and mixed with the local population, which is pretty much normal and present everywhere in the world,even in today's modern world.

But the science now days is very improved, especially in the field of genetics.This is the link that can clarify many things about the origin of today's Macedonians :

I didn’t made that up….it is independent research made by Swiss agency.