Lost Love

This story was inspired by an episode of Dark Desire:Obssession, in which a young woman was terrorized by a serial killer. She survived the ordeal and even wrote about it.

I had everything planned to perfection. The girl I was attracted to had agreed to go on a date with me. I was elated that such a beautiful girl had said yes to me, I could barely mask my excitement. She was so perfect; long blond & wavy hair, model looks, hot body, even after two kids. Wow, how could I be so lucky, I thought. I was hoping this date would lead to something great, unforgettable. We had agreed to meet after her shift was over. We would go for dinner at a quaint restaurant, then hopefully come to my place for a movie. That was the plan I had laid out in front of her while talking at the gas station where she worked. But there was more that I wanted to do with her. In my special room that I had set up for such occasion, I had all my tools ready. All I needed was her.

I called her to remind about our romantic rendezvous, telling her that I had looked forward to this special night for a long time. I wasn’t lying. Ever since I saw through the windows of the station while picking up one of her coworker, a pretty and annoying brunette who believed I was her boyfriend, I had spotted this beautiful blonde and knew at that very moment that I had to make her mine. I would pepper my so-called girlfriend with questions about the blonde and learned that her name was Mary, she had two children and lived not too far from the station. It is funny how much women would reveal if you approach them the right way. I also learned the gas station had a pager system that would allow you to talk to the attendant. The brunette had given it to me and I made great use of it. I would send lovely messages to Mary, telling her what I would do to her once we were together. Some would say these messages were vulgar, but I thought they were proof of my adulation. One of those messages I left, while I stood in front of her house watching her come out of the shower, was a compliment about her figure and how well that towel wrapped around it. It seemed to have an effect since she opened the curtains to see where I was. I was too chicken though and stayed hidden.

The day of our date had finally arrived and I was waiting for her at the agreed meeting place, but she never showed. I waited for hours wondering what could have happened for her to ditch me. I got worried thinking some man had made him hers before I had a chance, so I drove to her work, then her home. Here she was, playing with her bratty rugrats! Did she stood me up? How dare she? I was fuming and couldn’t believe my eyes that she would willfully renege on her promise. No one stood me up, NO ONE. I drove back home, enraged, and took a beeline for the special room. I hadn’t planned on having that annoying brunette there, but I needed to calm myself down.

The girl, named Carrie-Ann, was chained to the post and half naked. She had that look in her eyes that filled me pleasure. I loved that look in their eyes, knowing that something terrible was going to happen. I grabbed a whip that was laying on a table nearby and strike her chest, ripping the blouse allowed her to keep. She screamed which only made me more excited I could just cum. She had tears in her eyes and you could tell she was begging me to stop, but it only added fuel to my action. I struck twice more drawing blood. While I was doing that, I recorded the woman’s scream for Mary. I wanted her to hear what I had intended to do to her. Once I was finished, I went back upstairs and grabbed a drink. Although it had appeased me a bit, I was still pissed. How dare this little bitch ignored me! The next night, I decided to drop her a visit. There she was helping one of those dicks pump gas. She turned around as my headlights were brightening the otherwise dark area and she put her hand up to block it. I could see her body straightened as if she realized who it was. The man gave her the money and she turned around to thank him, then she looked back at my truck. She slowly went toward the station, then she suddenly quickened her pace. Enraged, I followed, hoping to grab her before she closed the door but she was quicker. As she was staring, I slammed on the windows and screamed at her. “You ruined everything!” I spat out. “You’re going to pay for this, you bitch!” Dammit, my plans to subdue her was now completely in the water. It was clear now that she was terrified and would avoid like a plague, but I wouldn’t let go. I had to have her, at all cost. Since I had access to the pager, I sent her the recording of Carrie-Ann screams and message where I detailed how I would cut her up. That was one preferred method of killing. Dismembered was far more titillating than strangulation, although the latter was far more expedient and it gave me sheer pleasure to see the victim’s eyes fading away as death was taking hold. For daring to reject me, I wanted to rip her apart, just like she ripped apart my heart. It was simply fitting. I stood near her window as she heard the recording and I could tell she was distraught, terrified. That made me happy, but now I had to devise a plan to get her in my grasp. I went to hardware store to stock up and went back home. As soon as reached the room, I heard Carrie-Ann making a ruckus. I had almost forgotten that bitch. I needed to get rid of her before bringing Mary to my abode. I did not care much for Carrie-Ann so I grabbed my gun and shot her in the head. Then I loaded her body in the back of my truck and drove to a ditch. I had no idea this would set things in motion that would disrupt my plan for Mary. Even in death Carrie-Ann irritated me. I should have been more careful and hid her body, but unfortunately, I was so preoccupied by Mary, I couldn’t think straight. The next day, the cops found the body and while I was planning to break into Mary’s home, she was talking to the police who had come to her station and warned her about me. I would later learn that she had seen my mugshots and learned of victims’ count. Meanwhile, I had everything ready to whisk away my beautiful Mary. I broke into her house, which was empty, found her gun she had stashed away and black book, then sat on the sofa waiting for her. I waited and waited, then I heard some noises up front. It sounded like footsteps, then a car trying to start. I saw through the small entrance and could see two women sitting in that car and one strangely looked like Mary. Shit! They were getting away! They obviously saw me sitting in the empty living room and ran. Yet again, my Mary had slipped through my fingers. I later learned that she had left the state with her rugrats and went to live with her mother. Since I had the black book which contained all of her contacts, I called her mother’s house and told her I will find her. And I always keep my promises.

I left Nevada and book a one-way ticket to Texas. I was careful, I disguised myself, as I always do and slipped through the cops’ fingers. In hindsight, I thought since they never caught me, I had no reason to be worried, but I was wrong, so wrong. I couldn’t fight my urges even when my mind was fixated on Mary. I had to take another one. It is truly an addiction. Once you kill, you never want to stop. It was better than heroin, or pot or even cocaine. I saw some girl I liked, a pretty redhead and I grabbed her, did away with her and put my hands around her neck, squeezing the life out of her. Satisfied, I was on my way to stake out Mary’s mother home, but I was caught. Fuck! I can’t believe it! How could this happened? I was so close to my goal, so close to satisfying my hunger, get my fix, but I was caught. As I lay on the table, about to be executed, I think back on that day I saw Mary for the first time. God, she was so beautiful. Ahh…my heart rate is slowing down, I now know how these girls felt as their eyes were losing their spark. Mary….

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