Come, come towards me.

I’m reminded a lot in my dreams of how I met her.

It was a rainy night. My lecture earlier had run a bit over; it was clear I needed to give myself a break, so I took one. I went to a bar I knew didn’t have many customers to drink. It was quiet and quaint. I found myself a corner, ordered a bottle of black cherry Merlot wine and pulled out ‘Dance Dance Dance’ as the night moved on without me.

She approached me first; that, I remember clearly.

“Mind if I sit here? My date bailed out on me.”

Her eyes lured me in; now that think about it, all that was planned.

“I’ll be here for only a few more minutes before I had back home.”

She stalked me then. She searched for me then, after initially seeing me.

“It’s fine. Just entertain me while the night is still young.”

I invited her as any person who was as lonely as I was would.

“Hey. I really like your lips. They make me wanna kiss them.”

As she felt my wall that I had built, tumble down then.

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