Hibiscus-Filled, The Train to Busan

“I need to buy some more toilet paper when we get to Busan.”

“Don’t you have money? Just use Amazon Prime.”

“Marvie, I’m an old man

Marvin replies, staring at the scenery go by. When they had arrived at South Korea, Jun had looked more worse for wear. He was clearly stressed out by the situation and looked like he was as lost and confused as her.

“You know I would have accepted filling in for my brother without the promise of getting my mother a nurse, right?”

“Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t let you suffer like that. I know how she treated after I came to visit the last time and straight yelling at you for letting her food go cold. Plus she called my little sister a vegetable; fuck that.”

“You’d you hear that? You weren’t even home when she said that.”

“I got the house tapped. You’re welcome. I’ll you the recordings and tapes if you need them later. Right now, I just want to sleep when we get back.” She watches as his eyes slowly closed and his head chose her shoulder for comfort. Tired herself, Marvin pats his thigh, staring at the scenery as the train had passed by.

xx — xx

The two stopped by a small hostel in Gimhae to rest up — apparently Jun knew the owner and she’d let him stay for free.

“…playboy. Cheap ass bastard. Old ass bitch.”

“Are you done?”

“I was done a while ago. Did you sleep with owner or something? She looked she wanted to kill me for a while.”

“Be glad you don’t know much Korean. She said a lot. Anyways you can take the bath first. I gotta take a call and it’ll be a while before I get back.” She nods at him, heading the bathroom, where she finds a small towel and robe inside the closet.

“This isn’t going to be small for me; do people really think everyone is one-size fits all? I’ll just get some towels from Jun’s bag.” she sucks her teeth, heading back out the room, jumping as she hears a large crash — the sound comes again, from the floor lobby.

Grabbing her phone from the nightstand, she goes out to see if she could find Jun — she does, however, he seems to have his hands tied with a man aiming a gun at his neck.


“Mavie head back into the room!” the gunman chuckles, putting his gun down, turning his attention to the tall, ample teen. When he sees her face, he’s surprised.

“So you’re Marvin? You’re such a cutiepie. Just seeing your face has lightened up my mood.”

“You know my name, but what’s yours?” Marvin asks, trying to distract him further. She couldn’t really do much in this situation — it looks like this guy could kill Jun at any moment, so it’d hurt them if she’d try to wrestle the gun off him. The unknown gunman uses his free hand to take off his hoodie, revealing warm, tanned skin and bleach-blonde hair. His hazel eyes almost twinkled with amusement as Marvin stared him down.

“You can call me Star. Anyways, you’re cute, so I’ll leave Junnie alone for tonight. I’ll…see you around. I’ll wear something cute the next we meet. You too Junnie!” tensed, Marvin watches the man named Star tuck his gun into his holster, waving as he walked down the stairs.

“Marvin, I told you to go into the room.”

“Jun, I’m more concerned about who the fuck is that?”

“He works for the person who rammed that fucking Jeep into your brother. Not to be trusted. Next time, stay in the room. You’re not ready for some random kid with a gun.”

“Chill out Jun. Just…just think of that as like some field training.”

“Field training…jesus fucking christ what am I doing bringing some seventeen-year-old girl here,”

“Jun, I’m 6 ft 3 and three-hundred pounds. I can take care of myself as it is. I’ll be fine.” Jun, who had his head in his palms, looks up at her defeated.

“Marvie, you’re just as much as a little sister to me as Rosie. I’m just worried. What if that kid had shot you?”

“He didn’t though, Jun. That’s the thing. I kept him down so he didn’t shoot me.”

“Not everyone’s like Star. That freak’s something different. You’ll need a lot more training just in case persuasion fails. You’re as charming as a corpse.”

“That’s not very nice, Junnie.”

xx — xx

“I heard you were attacked by Star again, Jun-hui.” Marvin stood uncomfortably in a upscale living as Jun got chewed out over the events of yesterday. She glances at the older, more experienced man as he stands in front of a kneeling Jun. The atmosphere was tense — she didn’t know if she should say something witty to break the mood or speak up so she could go to the restroom.

As she tries to to tiptoe — even at her height and weight — to look for a bathroom in such a grand home.

“Hold on, stay where you are.”

“Listen, I was trying to be nice and polite; I am a big girl and this big girl has a little bitch’s bladder and I have to piss.”

“And? This my home.”

“Then I’ll leave and piss in your yard.”

“You know you’re nothing like your brother — he knows respect.”

“Oh my god, like I haven’t heard that before. Are you going to keep talking or am I pissing on your yard?”

“Spar with me and I’ll let you go. You’ve boxed before, correct?”

“Yeah. Since I was six. And you?”

“Muay Thai, since I was a child as well.” the younger girl takes off her jacket, throwing it to the side.

“Marvie, you know you’re gonna lose right? Master has years of experience; neither TJ or I can beat him, even after training for years.”

“Haven’t you noticed it? He wants to test me. Anyways, old man. Meet me in the yard so I can hurry up before I ruin your nice floors.”

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