How The Valentine Coin works?

2 min readFeb 6, 2018

❤️ What is The Valentine Coin?
The Valentine Coin is an unique coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can engrave it with an unique message that will be sent and preserved forever in the blockchain. It is the geek equivalent of love padlocks on bridges, except the blockchain technology makes their message persist forever and nobody can ever remove it.

❤️ How does it work?
We have built an unique Ethereum token based on the ERC-721 proposal. Each Coin is uniquely identified by an ID and is tied to your unique message once you’ve bought it.

❤️ How can I get one?
You can reserve your very personal Valentine Coin on our website by supplying your email address, your message, and your Ethereum wallet address. Once your reservation is registered, you’ll receive an email confirming your reservation along with your payment address. You will have to send 0.033 ETH (currently around 29 USD) to confirm your reservation.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive another email with the link to your unique Coin and your Love Certificate to share with your loved one.

❤️ I don’t have an Ethereum wallet, nor Ether, how can I order a Valentine Coin?
The Valentine Coin is only sold through the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy some Ether and get a wallet address from CoinBase.

Frequently asked questions

❤️ How eternal is “forever”?
Your message is sent to the Ethereum blockchain, a shared data chain that shows no signs of dying anytime soon (the Bitcoin blockchain turned 9 years old earlier this year).

Disbarring an incident that would kill the Ethereum blockchain (51% attack, death of the network, end of computing as we know it, end of humanity, the disintegration of the nucleus of the atom,…), your message is pretty safe here :)

❤️ How can I make sure my message is really in the blockchain?
Once you have been attributed your unique Coin, you can use MyEtherWallet (or any other Ethereum blockchain explorer) to check our smart contract directly from the blockchain and make sure your message is there.

We wrote a tutorial article to help you do that.

❤️ Can I transfer my Coin to another wallet?
It depends on the wallet you are using.

If you are using your own wallet (through MyEtherWallet and/or MetaMask for example), and already used Ethereum smart contracts through this wallet, then yes, our smart contract is ERC-20 compatible and should allow you transfer.

However, if your wallet is on an exchange, you can not transfer ownership of your Coin to another wallet.