An article on tests and suffering

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The clouds hang above everyone of us. Now that’s figurative. But the idea is that, in some sense, we all sit under the same events. We know feelings of sadness and joy and we’ve all tasted of pleasure and grief at times both happening almost simultaneously.

We can identify with the immense joy of a newborn and feel the hurt the death of a loved one brings. Life appears to be an awkward cocktail mix served to everyone irrespective of age, sex or status. But falling prey to the ills of this world wasn’t always the plan from the beginning.

I’m going to unpack this subject from a Christian perspective and lead you on a meaningful trajectory regarding this discourse. …

A romance poem

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(Vaory Photography on Unsplash)

I found you in shelters of the dark
as your steps wore the paths with dignity.
You bow the sun to rest and you arise
awakening the candles of the night.

The moon excels under your activity,
and the stars burn at the hint you call.
You rule between shadows and leave
my guesses wrapped in wonderment.

Beauty of the Far East,
the unrivalled pride of Asian pedigree,
loot my senses by a glance,
ride the crests of my infatuation.

Stare into my eyes and comb the depths
of my soul.
See my poverty so you nourish my lusts. …

A poem on Nigeria’s protest to end injustice

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(Photo credit: Sunday Alamba, Associated Press)

Tears of pain stain the face of
a smitten nation.
Our limping steps can barely even crawl.
The load we can no more carry is
extended for a thousand miles.
We see sorrow revealed in all shades:
humiliated, exploited, abandoned, despised

Nigeria, the cream of the African
continent is cut to her knees,
pressed down by a weight of oppression.
Our griefs are now ripe with hostility,
that our chains we must now break,
and our fetters we must loose.

We are driven,
our hearts bleed,
our sanity is ruptured,
because the burden lies sore.
Our ears are stuffed to lies,
blocked to the hypocrisy of bad leaders,
our march is for a pattern of bad governance. …

A romance poem

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(Omar Medina Films from Pixabay)

Should the days of my singlehood linger,
and my cold nights in bed remain,
yes let them linger, yes may they remain,
if you fail to be the one.

My childhood fantasies are intact,
I have my world raised on your pedestal,
your light is the light by which I see,
I’m warm in the heat of your thoughts.

You capture the height of my desires,
a parcel packaged to my luxurious taste.
You kiss an end to my longings,
the lovely steward to cater to my soul.

Wherever you’re kept on earth’s surface,
be it afar off in the Orient,
or walking the deserts of the Middle East,
I know we’re still connected in unseen ties. …

A poem on trusting God

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(Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Painter of the skies,
seen in their brilliance and artistry.
Craftsman of the deep blue seas,
see me dipped, cuddled in your works.

God of creation, King of majesty,
Keeper of concord and balance,
stupendous for comprehension,
frightening in a throne of fire.

You’ve known what is best for me,
my life has a path you’ve chosen,
If your hands are tender on the sparrows,
why should I doubt your loving concern?

I have my eyes enticed,
bright at the sight of luxury and fortune. …

A poem on romance

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(Veton Ethemi from Pixabay)

My footsteps were led by shadows.
I followed the trail of the wind.
I listened in the direction of the unknown
and watched you enveloped by the dark.

I’ve counted your passionate kisses
sealing them in the bottle of my heart.
I’ve polished your memories
and hung them in my fondest galleries.

Tell the world I’m nowhere to be found
but kept in the cradle of your love.
Except you raise your lamp of affection
I’ll hide in the darks of your delight.

I know the taste of joy,
I’ve worn the fabric of romance,
I was the pride to admire,
because I bore the prints of your touch. …

A poem on the world we live in

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Ball of mystery, object of life,
lost for inception, steep in age.
Spin round your axis
that calendars roll as time sweeps by.

Grand host to countless generations,
fed from the hollow of your hands.
See the dead mourn within your core
whilst your lights be favour to the living.

The brilliance of gold,
the extravagance of crude oil,
and the gem of diamonds,
are your daggers we hold to our throats.

See the lush and greenery of trees,
weigh the baskets we take in of harvest.
Feel the balance in nature,
and the air we breathe in gratitude.

Our tears are from the strokes of our griefs
that we bow under the weight of infirmity.
We count our days in chambers of sorrow
that we once entertain seasons of bliss. …

A free verse poem on the authority of Scripture

Hands holding the Holy Bible
Hands holding the Holy Bible
(StockSnap from Pixabay)

Life is an expanse of secrets and mysteries
a sailor’s compass – faulty and clueless.
Man was found missing
right at the doorstep of birth.

I’ve demanded meaning.
I’ve sought it in the vastness of nature,
roamed the corners of my soul,
but met with a wall of resistance.

Piece to piece,
I’ve tried to make sense of this puzzle.
I’m lost for the reason of my existence,
but for light seen in caves of my gloom.

Scripture is often an unsought illumination.
Page to page, I’m told an unlying reality,
enlightened on the terms of the afterlife. …

A poem on racism

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(Clay Banks on Unsplash)

I’m cast into a world torn by divisions,
spread apart by silly differences,
and vocal over petty issues.
I embraced struggles right from the cradle

Skin colour speaks louder than sound
rich with unspoken interpretations
bestowing a predefined identity
but luckless if it be to your disadvantage

My colour became my chains
chains of bondage in lowly servitude
I’m thought to be less than human
deserving for a killing sport

I’m to work cotton and tobacco fields
under the scotching sun with little to eat
I was asked for my heritage and name
it left with my slave master’s purchase

I found stigma for my differences
and little did our similarities unite
I’m despised in the eyes of the oppressor
alienated for no choice of…

A romance poem

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(Marcus Lewis on Unsplash)

Nothing comes more beautifully
like the morning that brings you my way
and the quiet evening that goes
keeping me with your thoughts

Each day I prize your presence
far more than the air I breathe
I thirst for your company
as a well-needed necessity

I can’t think of an edifice well-crafted
than a glimpse of your looks
I wished for elegance,
but you multiplied it with flawless beauty

I’m lost in realms of amazement
my senses scream in chaos.
Except you speak to the delight of my soul
I’m restless like a troubled child

I’ll bring the stars to your feet
I’ll trade the universe for your approval
I’ll make you the object of my fantasies
far beyond my wildest…


Valentine Nnebe

✫Computer scientist by the paper ✫Avid literature lover ✫Aspiring Writer ✫Word enthusiast ✫Home grown Nigerian. I join letters to words and statements for fun.

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