The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

“And science fiction shows for some reasons just cannot grasp diversity. You can put all sorts of races and colors and people in your show… And claim left right and center that “it doesn’t matter” who is what or why because “brand new world” but if it just looks like a new world But acts like the same goddamn world we’ve always existed in? You ain’t doing nothing new.

The inability of some show runners to see how they’ve subconsciously divided actors and their characters’ fates by race & sexuality” — @deathtodickens

Lexa’s death, and the way it was handled, was a problem, but the 100 has more representation issues. Especially for poc, but LGBT+ too. how come you only have two couples when you have more than 15 hetero relationships? had two* The 100 isn’t about “romance”, but since the pilot the show never saw problem in portraying sexuality when it comes to heterosexuality. What are you doing to change this? To aknowledge this?

Also, “I only have good intention” is what fathers say to lgbt kids before sending them to be “cured” or forcing them to change. Probably good intention was what Titus had when he tried to kill Clarke. And what made Pike commit genocide.

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