The Libertarian Party considers themselves the “party of principle.”

The race is on for America’s next future ex-president. But not everyone is talking Trump, our nation’s “stable genius.”

Americans are increasingly looking to third-party candidates for solutions to problems affecting their daily lives. And third-party candidates are poised to turn up the political heat this election season

According to Google Trends, the search for “third-party candidate” has gradually increased but is expected to grow into the 2020 primaries.

Four of the five states searching for “third-party candidate” include California (55 electors), Texas (38 electors), New York and Florida (29 electors each).

The states searching for a third-party candidate the…

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Exploring Asian culture and its place in the University of Houston

by Imiyah Mann and Yesenia Soto

Over the years the Asian population has the most immediate exponential growth in Houston, according to an institute for urban research. Perhaps in subsequence to the increase, the University of Houston hosts an Asian American Studies Center.

The University of Houston’s Asian American Studies Center website says there has been a considerable amount of renovations on the hub. The establishment was found in 1995 and offers academic specialization along with opportunities to interact with the Asian/Asian American community in Houston.

Located in…

From Hofheinz Pavilion to Fertitta Center

by Charese Wyatt, Gabriela Swan, Chris Talley, Sydnee Pennie

The Fertitta Center, formerly known as Hofheinz Pavilion, is home to the University of Houston’s men and women’s basketball team, and the volleyball team.

History of Hofheinz

The Hofheinz Pavilion, named after former Houston mayor, Roy Mark Hofheinz, opened in 1969. The first game was hosted in Hofheinz December 1, 1969 when the Coogs played Southwestern Louisiana and beat them 89–72. From 1971–1975, the Houston Rockets played most of their home games at Hofheinz Pavilion because their new arena was under construction. Throughout the years…

Students learn more about the LGBTQ Special Collections and Resource Center

by Rafa Farihah, Taelyr Simmons, Billy Talbert

The University of Houston prides itself on being one of the most diverse campuses in the United States. With 45,364 students, UH is the third largest campus in Texas. Diversity is at an all time high, making it easy for students to find representation on campus for however they choose to identify.

The LGBTQ community is one that is constantly growing, as students feel more comfortable expressing their sexuality in public. New laws that allow for gay marriage across all states in…

Highlighting the University of Houston

by Ashley Saldana, Evelin De La Rosa, Abraham Figueroa, Birexush

In school, a lot of students may find themselves stressed out. From overwhelming assignments to personal and family problems, students may end up in a crisis. Others may even be suffering from anxiety or depression. At times, school is often not the best place to be or it can even be the cause on why students are feeling this way. The number of these mental health concerns in students has been increasing over the years. …

An in-depth view of the seasoned bowling coach and the future of the team.

by: Alanna Mullins, Gina Medina and Nick Pettit

It was in the late 60s that the automatic pinsetter brought bowling to University student centers and the sport became a popular pastime for students. The recreation area built a community for students to take breaks and eventually lead to collegiate bowling teams for men and women. For UH bowling coach, Bill Schwehr, the sport started as a passion and progressively grew into a career he’s cherished for many years.

“[Coaching] let me work in the student center…

Food truck program makes changes light years ahead

by Herby Beam, Justice, Rahma Adesina

Get ready to chow down as the University of Houston welcomes the future of food for 2020 and beyond with an epic robot roll-out, a new food hall-style dining complex and the expansion of food truck fantasticness.

Interest in on-campus dining for the UH remains steady over the past five years. University administrators are trying new things to get student to stay on-campus.

Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is…

University of Houston students find health and community in recreational athletics

by Pskelly, Franshezca Luna, SheaMadeley, Layne Camp

Intramural Sports on college campuses have been a great way for students to relax and de-stress at the University of Houston.

The University of Houston offers an opportunity for students to participate in competitive events. The Campus Recreation Center offers over 20 different sports and activities every year for both teams and individuals to engage in. The University of Houston is the second most diverse urban research institution in the U.S. …

The Hilton Hotel is home of the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. It features 86 guest rooms, spacious ballrooms and meeting rooms for events, two restaurants and more which prepare the students for their future careers.

Upcoming renovations bring expansion and improved experiences for the hotel’s amenities and educational environment

by Shoumayan, Marti Mendoza, Celine Wallace

The Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston is regarded as a world class leader in hospitality education offering a full-running hotel service for guests and undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees for students. HRM majors and minors prepare for the real world through various lectures, practical classes, labs, occupations and internships offered at the upscale teaching hotel.

“The HRM school is very hands on,” Valerie Delgado, the front office manager at the Hilton…

The University of Houston Marching Band prepares to play their signature stand tunes to keep fans engaged during the game. The Spirit of Houston is the largest spirit organization on the University of Houston campus.

An inside look at the spirit and traditions behind the University of Houston’s gamedays.

by Madelyn Chidester, Andy Yanez, Taylor Arenz

Around TDECU Stadium, Elgin is closed off, and there is a sea of red with swarms of people everywhere. Some are tossing around footballs, others are eating, others are socializing and all are preparing to get rowdy for the game.

Music is blaring over multiple loudspeakers, each one playing a different genre. Some shoot out rap, others release the lyrics of pop and others shake with the beats of reggaeton.

This is a common scene that can be found…

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