Ukraine: 50,000 Developers and this number is growing

According to a recent study, there are over 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, including 50,000 software engineers. The size of Ukraine’s IT talent pool makes the country a leading source of software development talent among European countries, as well as an increasingly attractive destination for businesses looking to build development teams abroad.

A country with low average salaries and a deep pool of tech talent sounds too good to be true, right? To shed light on the actual state of the Ukrainian IT labor market, we dug deeper into the data available to understand not only the raw number of developers, but also the breadth of their skills and talents.

Our intention is to provide the most accurate information on the IT labor market in Ukraine in order to help companies make the right decision when considering the country as a possible destination for building an offshore software development team. While many companies have undoubtedly tried searching for talented programmers abroad before, likely in Asia (India, Vietnam or the Philippines), international businesses are looking for the first time to Eastern Europe for reliable and affordable software developers.


LinkedIn has become one of the most popular platforms for Ukrainian software developers to share information, search for work, and socialize. Thus, it is a fantastic source for collecting raw data on the number and type of IT professionals in Ukraine. While there’s always a possibility that some percentage of IT specialists in Ukraine and elsewhere do not use LinkedIn, this method offers the best chance for understanding the modern IT labor market, as well as a given company’s chances to recruit a team of developers there who fit its requirements.

To better understand the number of software developers in Ukraine, we looked for individuals who identified as belonging to one of the following professions: “developer,” “software engineer,” “programmer,” “designer,” “QA,” or “tester.” We also used LinkedIn’s built-in search function to search for individuals whose job descriptions or skills include different programming languages that are currently popular and in demand.

To get an objective comparison with other potential outsourcing destinations, we repeated the same method for several other countries. We also consulted our own internal experts for a more nuanced view on what skills are easy or difficult to find in Ukraine’s 3 major IT hubs — Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro.


Let’s start with the overall numbers. LinkedIn returned 53,000 profiles for software developers in Ukraine, 11,000 for QA/QC engineers and testers, and 8,000 for designers.

IT Specialists in Ukraine by Profession

The results from LinkedIn support the initial estimate that there are approximately 50,000 software developers in Ukraine. . What’s more, the broader estimate that there are 90,000 “IT specialists” in Ukraine makes sense if you take into account business analysts, system administrators, project managers, team leads, and executives.

The Most Common Programming Languages in Ukraine

Our research shows that C/C++, Java, PHP, Front-End, and .NET programmers are the most well-represented groups among Ukrainian software developers.

Oleksii Bezverkhyi, HR/Client Manager from Daxx Kyiv, and Nina Alexandrova, the Branch Manager of our Dnipro office, confirm that there is no shortage of Java, PHP, Front-end, and .NET developers on the local IT labor market. The availability of mobile app developers in Ukraine (both Android and iOS) is also quite high.

“We used to have a hard time with finding MEAN stack developers (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js), but now these tools are pretty popular among Ukrainian developers,” says Oleksii.

Actually, Ukrainian web developers are well represented in LinkedIn. Ukraine has the third highest number of Node.js programmers in the world, and the sixth most AngularJS professionals.

Our experts agreed that the most difficult to find skillsets are Ruby on Rails, Magento, and Cloud technologies.

Global Comparison: Ukraine in the Lead

Certain technologies are more popular in Ukraine than elsewhere in the world, giving the country an edge when it comes to finding talent to staff offshore development teams.

Ukraine is in first place globally when it comes to the number of C++ and Unity3D developers, and second place in JavaScript, Magento, and Scala.

The country comes in third when we consider the number of Node.js, PHP, Python, Symfony, Ruby, and ASP.NET developers.

The Most Popular Programming Languages Globally

In addition to our research on Ukraine, we have compiled a list of the most popular programming languages in the world as indicated by the number of programmers using them at work. Based on this data, we created lists of the countries with the largest numbers of Java, Front-End, PHP, and .NET developers.

Top Technologies Worldwide

Planning to build a Java, Front-End, PHP, or .NET team? Without a doubt, Ukraine is one of the best places to start.

Ukraine is in the top 6 countries for each of these technologies by number of software engineers using these skills at their current job.

Java Engineers, Worldwide

Front End Engineers, Worldwide

PHP Engineers, Worldwide

.NET Engineers, Worldwide

Countries with the Most Developers

If we look exclusively at the number of software developers in a country, India and the USA lead the list of software engineering powerhouses, while Ukraine comes in at number 9.

Software Engineers by Country

Software Engineers by Leading Outsourcing Destination

In the list of leading outsourcing destinations, Ukraine takes third place right after India and China. In fact, according to our research, Ukraine appears to be the main European outsourcing destination for businesses around the world.

Software Engineers by Leading Outsourcing Destinations, Europe

Given the overall number of software developers in Ukraine, their skills, and the country’s global ranking in terms of the prevalence of key technologies, it’s clear that this is one of the best outsourcing destinations accessible to modern businesses.

More than 100 R&D offices (including those supporting such giants as Oracle, Magento, Boeing, and Wargaming) are based in Ukraine, largely due to the availability of IT talent.

65 clients from 17 countries chose Daxx as their outsourcing partner for the same reason.

About Daxx

We connect businesses with highly-skilled and experienced developers from Ukraine, regardless of whether they are looking for developers skilled in a niche technology or today’s most popular frameworks. Developers hired with Daxx act as full-time members of our clients’ teams, while we provide HR, Payroll, and infrastructure support.

Daxx takes care of office management, recruitment, HR, and retention so that our customers are able to focus fully on the technical management of their team.

If you’re considering building an offshore development team, and want to learn more about what Daxx has to offer, send us a message at

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