Why Donald Trump’s Tape Matters

October 12 is the last day to register to vote in the state of Florida and I wanted to share some excerpts of a book I’m writing that is very personal to me, in hopes that people will use their power to vote in the upcoming election.

It has taken me well over 17 years to speak out about an issue that has been the single most imperative part of my upbringing because I have always been overly apprehensive about speaking out.

Take aside promised policies from the two main parties running in this presidential race, and we have Hillary Clinton and a man who has targeted me, along with millions of others, to the point of exhaustion and exasperation. As a once illegal immigrant, as a Latina, but especially and most importantly as a woman, I no longer want to stay muted because of what it means for our future. If this reaches one person and their ability to vote, then I have done my part.

Here I go:

Excerpt №1

No One Talks

It is October 2016 and my father sits in Bogota, Colombia at this current date — after being deported, put in shackles on a plane from Louisiana back to Bogota on October 2012. A long 5-hour plane ride, where all you have to your name are the two chains between your legs and those chained to your hands. You keep replaying over and over in your head, “Where did I fail? What will be of my daughters who are left behind in a country that they cannot call their own but it is too dangerous to go back to the country that can?”

No one talks about the process of it all, how messed up our system can get and how inhumanely people can act towards one another. No one talks about the formalities needed to get into the country in the first place, the reasoning of why it was done, the struggle of obeying the law to all of its extremities, only to be humiliated and have your family’s future jeopardized if you did not sign papers stating you were guilty of the crime. No one talks about how you paid your taxes, how you raised your kids to be good and gave them an American education.

Most importantly, no one talks about the outcome of the children. How it felt growing up in a place where I never knew whether or not my dad would come home to dinner each and every night. Growing up in a place where fear is part of your everyday childhood and you learn to cope with it at age seven. How after making it to America, our parents were still ripped away from us and you still had to keep your head higher than ever because you showed a sign of weakness otherwise, especially for a young Latin female. How I was suddenly left alone in a country of 300 million people and how many of us grew up quicker than all the other kids, all while still trying to maintain a normal lifestyle; because at the end of the day what we want is to be accepted and treated fairly.

No one highlights, that even though so many of us come from a troubled childhood where decisions were made without our consent, we made it more than ok and it is not just “all talk”.

Women are “all talk” Trump has said. And I respond with this:

When an Illegal-Latin woman, I graduated at the top of my high school class, class president, with full honors and accepted to some of the best colleges in the country.

When an Illegal-Latin woman, I paid out of pocket for my college education and graduated with a double bachelor’s degree.

When an Illegal-Latin woman, I decided not to get married for the sake of becoming legal because getting married was just not the option for me and I figured it out elsewhere, on my own.

When both an Illegal-Latin woman and now a Legal-Latin woman, I have paid my taxes every single year and obeyed the rules of the state.

As a Legal-Latin woman, never have I had to ask a man for a single penny, or be someone’s “sugar baby” because apparently that is what you are titled the second you are seen with things you have worked for.

The moment an ex-boss told me I gave “too much appeal” to the company and completely threatened my chances of succeeding within based solely on my appearance, I quit that machismo rapist culture because in absolutely no way should women ever accept being treated that way.

If you are someone who follows and accepts Trump’s “just words” towards the opposite sex, you are right there alongside side him as a coward. It should not take misogynistic rhetoric to get people on their feet and speak out, yet it is so unfortunate that many of us have stayed quiet for so long.

I am writing all this, and will be writing a lot more because, Mr. Trump, when you talked about illegal immigrants who do no good, you spoke about me. When you mentioned Latinos and how we are what is ruining this country, you spoke about my family and you spoke for every one of us who is making a change in this country.

Do me a favor. If you care at all about your future, vote for it.