The Boat that is Setting Sail to Promote Peruvian Cuisine

In the middle of Cerro Azul’s market, there is a boat-restaurant that can’t help but stand out. This boat isn’t looking to set sail soon, or make the top gastronomic attractions in Peru. It is there to promote the anchoveta in our daily diet and attract the world’s best palates. Coated in chestnut brown and with vertical bamboos aligned on its roof, the boat welcomes its customers with Romeo Santos signing bachata at a very soft tune. Most of time, you’ll come across the captain, Efraín Morales. He would have never dreamed 20 years ago that his little, quite innocent fishing boat, would suddenly turn into a spotlight for anchoveta dishes. Already highlighted in Mistura ,the largest food festival in the country, hop on board to get a taste of a real Peruvian gastronomical treasure.

After lounging and and feeling the whisper of the sea breeze, the chicharron de anchoveta arrived at the table. Accompanied with freshly cut onions and fried yuquitas with shades of soft gold on the sides, the smell provoked an unintended grumbling of my stomach . The anchoveta, toasted crispy on the outside, was the healthy way of eating Mcdonald’s nuggets. It’s fish-bones, also crunchy, produced munching sounds of everyone else eating at the table. Grabbing the fork and picking the onions, yuquitas and a piece of anchoveta, all at once, was the way to go.

Between conversations with the waitress, the restaurant’s objective: promote healthy habits. These mouth-watering anchovetas are not only served with great taste but with vitamins and proteins that can reduce the blood’s cholesterol, block diabetes and increases mental capacity.

The chicharron was finished so quickly, most of us didn’t have time to process it was going to be our last bite. The anchoveta didn’t make our stomach feel stuffed, it recharged our whole body. The tiring surfing session before coming here was completely gone. We could now focus on the way the sun was shining, the smell of fresh fish in the nearby dock, and how we were going to make our way back to the Anchoveta Azul.

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