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10 Things You Need to Do if You Want to Learn a Foreign Language

Tips to help you get started - and keep improving

A few years ago I found myself scratching my head in disbelief when I read about Ben, an Australian guy that woke up from a coma unable to speak English, but with a sudden knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, language he'd studied at school - although he wasn't fluent at all until the accident. It left me thinking about the incredible things the brain is capable of, things we mostly ignore. And that includes language.

1. Define your purpose and set goals

2. Start small, don't overwhelm yourself

3. Find the right tutor

4. Identify what works for you and what doesn't. Create your own method.

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5. Dedicate time to learn everyday

6. Immerse in the language as much as you can

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7. Apply what you are learning to different situations. Don't be scared!

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8. Be curious. make mistakes.

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9. Enjoy the process. Be happy about your first language achievements.

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10. Never stop learning

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