Encounter with Test Driven Development

So the first time I come across this was when I was doing the Andela-kenya lab test. I would write a code and confidently hit the submit button the next thing I see is an error message, “Your test has not passed all the required tests.” Mark you at this time I have no idea of what TDD is, all I have in mind is writing that code and submitting. I would end up re-writing the same code until it is accepted. Today I was officially given an introduction to TDD, from the way of things it looks like a way of writing code efficiently. Still maneuvering around it to learn this exciting concept of software development.

TDD helps developers create code that does a specific function to produce a desired output. This is a great aid especially when it comes program complexity. This is what will keep me hooked to this since I don’t want to write code that is ambiguous. with help from my team mates and facilitaors, I’ve been able to understand TDD and hope to improve quality of my code by observing both time and space complexity in relation to TDD.

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