Fixing bugs one at a time

So I started on my project this week and I was really excited about it. First of all, I had to do some research on the basic requirements and build a foundation on basic knowledge to do the project. I started of on understanding how to use SQLALCHEMY in creating a database for for a console app. After I finished on this I created a test case using the given app design requirements. Then the real task of designing was set on.

The first part was easier(before testing), since I was excited with hope that I can do it. But when I launched my database file for the first time, it failed. I had to go back and re-do the whole code. Luckily the second time the database file launched. I thereafter created a virtual environment, installed required files and was set to start the next part of the project. Functionalities.

I formulated a test code and started writing the code for the functionalities. with each functionality I added at first nothing seemed to work, I kept trying since I know if you get a bug in your code it means you’re almost there. I soldiered on and finally by evening I was done with 80% of the functionalities required. I might not be able to design a colorful interface since am out of time, but at least I would have met the desired requirements.