What should we do with textbooks in a classroom?

For many years, a book has been a loyal companion to the classrooms’ study plan and education development. Some teachers might feel really comfortable using a textbook as a reference. However, over the years new methods of teaching and tools have revolutionized causing the use of textbooks to become a controversial issue. There are many issues that surround the use of textbooks in a classroom. Some books do not match the style of the teacher or beliefs and maybe the textbook is being implemented by the district. In addition, with the implementation of the common core standards around the United States most of the books don’t satisfy the common core standards therefore districts do not fund the purchases of books. New alternatives just as digital media, teacher’s free choice or creating their own book has been accepted by modern school systems. Some of these services are free and others are from new small companies. Overall, the real question is: what is the role of textbooks now in days? Personally, as a future Spanish teacher I enjoy the use of textbooks because it provides different types of literature and background story. My teacher used to use the book as a guiding tool for our notebooks and assignments. The use of other form of teaching such as music, theater, art and writing were extended resources that made the learning experience richer. I believe everything is a balance. I have seen how teachers fully depend of the book making the learning experience predictable, boring and poor opportunities for higher thinking. I believe the issues are not the textbook is the way teachers use it and how much power and credibility does a teacher gives to the textbook. As a future educator I would like to have a voice or choose when selecting a book and in addition using other innovative tools that will keep my students interested in the class. I do agree with the reading when it states that teachers should not over use textbook as a lecture tool and be mindful of the common core standards.I wouldn’t fully agree to eliminate textbook but I would courage teachers to examine the book, simplify the lecture and focus on the important points.