Different and creative music tracks to have at your wedding

Planning a wedding can be pretty daunting, not only do you have so many things to organise, many brides also feel like they want to bring a creative twist to their wedding planning that will help them stand out from their friends’ weddings and make them different.

There can be so many cliché elements to weddings, especially music, so why not go against the trends and have some stand out music. Forget the standard go-to wedding classics, here’s my top 10 wedding harp songs to play:

1. Dido — Thank you

2. Pixies — Where is my mind

3. Foo fighters — Come Alive

4. Muse — Starlight

5. Nirvana — Come as you are

6. Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams

7. Queen — Somebody to love

8. Guns N’ Roses — Sweet Child O’Mine

9. Tracy Chapman — Promise

10. Linkin Park — Numb

Watch the shocked faces on your bridesmaids faces as they realise what they thought was a classical harpist — is playing their no.1 track of all time!

To listen to some of my harp music or to make an enquiry about having a harpist at your wedding in London or surrounding areas — head over to my website Harpist London

Valeria Kurbatova