BPW National Convention of the world association happened in Porto Alegre

Rossi & Zorzanello has partnered with BPW Porto Alegre (Business and Professional Women) for the organization of the XXVIII CONFAM — Convention of the Federation of Associations of Business and Professional Women of Brazil. The event, which is the entity’s national meeting, will be held at the Everest Porto Alegre Hotel from November 17 to 20.

Present in more than 100 countries, BPW has more than 40,000 women organized, united and in search of business, advocacy and peace promotion. It is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan and non-welfare organization that brings together women entrepreneurs and professionals with common ideals such as: professional development; Better conditions and opportunities in the country’s economic, civil and political life; Elimination of all forms of discrimination, encouragement and promotion of women on the margins of the labor market, exchange of experience and business.

The mission of the entity is: “Add business women and professionals guiding and coordinating their full development in the spheres of public and market power.” It also seeks to promote better conditions for women’s participation in productive sectors, in business, commerce and professions.

CONFAM is the largest and most important event that BPW-Brasil performs annually. At the CONFAM, the projects in progress, experiences, information, stimulated business between the members and, if necessary, updating or altering the Bylaws or the Bylaws governing BPW-Brasil are evaluated.

In the photo, the meeting that sealed the partnership between Rossi & Zorzanello and BPW Silvana Bastian, Vice President BPW Porto Alegre, Sabrina Knevitz and Jaqueline Tramontin (Rossi & Zorzanello), Cintia Jardim, Marinelsa Geyer de Oliveira, President BPW Porto Alegre. Photo Rossi&Zorzanello