Governor of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Jose Sartori announces at a press conference measures to confront the financial calamity of the public sector

In announcing measures to address the public financial crisis and to promote state restructuring, Governor Jose Sartori said during the announcement of measures on Monday, that the measures are harsh but that they draw A new state that prioritizes quality of life, based on entrepreneurship, sustainability and social justice. — A more modern state that serves people and promotes development. The moment to do this modernization is now-
The government faces two major challenges: financial and management. -We spend more than we collect so we can not even meet the most essential obligations,- Sartori said. He said that society no longer agrees to live with the backwardness, the waste, the inefficiency and the privileges.
-The state we want to leave for our children and grandchildren depends on difficult choices, firm decisions and redoubled efforts. Our government has chosen the Rio Grande of the future. We want to move on.-
The governor said the state is facing the most severe public finance crisis in the history of Rio Grande do Sul and the country, coupled with a structural crisis of a public sector outdated and outdated. -The state model that could and did not spend everything without thinking completely failed. Without financial equilibrium, very little or almost nothing is possible. Social justice is not done without balance of public accounts,- he said. Photo/Luiz Chaves