Governors Sartori and Colombo are meeting in Expointer

Governor José Ivo Sartori met, on Wednesday (31), with the governor of Santa Catarina Raimundo Colombo, the Expointer in House Producer of Santa Catarina in the Park Assis Brazil, in Esteio.

Among the conversations, the national and state economic scenario and the possible partnerships and exchange of experiences between the states. Colombo said the government invested about R $ 1 billion in the prevention system by the Civil Defense in case of climatic disasters.

Colombo came to Expointer to visit the Casa de Santa Catarina and honor the child who will receive a prize at the fair.

Accompanied the meeting, Secretary of Social Politcs, Maria Helena Sartori; Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ana Pellini; and the secretaries of Transportation, Peter Westphalen; and Planning, Mobility and Regional Development, Cristiano Tatsch. Foto: Luiz Chaves

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