President BRDE Odacir Klein speaks in Federasul

The energy sector was the most sought credit from the Regional Bank Far South (BRDE) in the first half of 2016. The first contract signed was R $ 150 million and R $ 300 million are under review to be released this second half, said at the press conference in Federasul, on Wednesday. President Odacir Klein revealed that the funding was allocated for construction of wind farms and small hydroelectric plants.

Later this year, the bank has R $ 3.3 billion to be invested in development and stimulate the economy in the south of Brazil, and this value R $ 1.1 billion for each state. By the time a little more than R $ 1.8 billion were contracted in the first half. “The value is significant and meaningful to boost the economy,” said the president.

Klein also said that BRDE the default rate was at around 2.44% in the region and the national system the number reached 3.51%. “By way of tax collected for the EU 49.6% of revenue,” he said. This year the average funds released for operation is $ 414,000 and were employed in the sectors of agriculture, industry, trade and services and in infrastructure.

The bank has 564 employees, more than 34,000 active clients, R $ 12.8 billion in loans and a net worth estimated at $ 2.4 billion. Photo: Valéria Reis