Six candidates Porto Alegre Prefectures spoke their proposals in Federasul

Six candidates Porto Alegre Prefecture spoke, on Wednesday (31) on their proposals and answered questions from businessmen during the Tá in Mesa, Federasul, a joint initiative of the entity with the Commercial Association of Porto Alegre (ACPA). Fabio Ostermann (PSL), Luciana Genro (PSOL), Mauritius Dziedricki (PTB), Nelson Marchezan Jr. (PSDB), Raul Pont (PT) and Sebastian Melo (PMDB) highlighted their projects to issues related to business and entrepreneurship in city, speaking of public-private partnership opportunities for certain projects such as the construction of a new events center.
The dialogue was divided into four parts: first, all had five minutes to present; then each answer to a question, time drawn, made by traders in two minutes; in the third round, all answered the same question, prepared by Federasul also in two minutes; and, finally, they had four minutes to complete. Some candidates talked about the national political situation, since the event took place at the same time, the Senate, the term of Dilma Rousseff (PT) was impeached.