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Gender Wage Gap has been a buzz word in my world lately as I’ve attended panel discussions and sat in my leadership consulting class and talked about pricing structures. It is no secret that women make considerably less than men in the same industry and across the board.

With facts like women make 78cents to their male counterparts dollar, it is stunning that women, being the majority, are still fighting for equal pay in 2015. Boston has the largest number of women than any other city in America (52%), the majority of those being women of color.

So why are we still so far behind? And more importantly, how do we shift our culture? One of the themes around women + wages is that women are timid when demanding equal pay. In general, women are thought to be more ‘timid’ in business overall, so how do we get what we rightfully deserve?

One of the things that has resonated with me is this idea that men are asking for it anyway. While women are afraid to negotiate a fair wage, men don’t hesitate to not only demand what they believe themselves to be worth, but even ask for more — and often get it. So why are women so afraid?

I often wonder if women supported women in business more, what the outcomes would be. If female venture capitalists and angel investors prioritized investing in female-owned businesses, what shift would we see? If female business owners employed other driven women, what example would we set?

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