Is your e-commerce store skipping one of these four steps in the journey to a conversion?

Often times in e-commerce, we are laser-focused on the conversion and spend a wealth of our time and money building landing pages, a/b testing buttons, optimizing checkout. All great activities to do, but have you considered the steps necessary to even get them ready for a conversion?

I like to look at the path to a conversion in four specific sections (and there are many variations of this if you Google, pick what works for your company): awareness, interest, desire, action.

Awareness: The customer is aware of your product. A good way to achieve this could be social media paid posts (for skincare, I’ve seen Instagram be hugely successful. Check out “hanacure” — they have a cult following including organic celebrity posts/follows).

Interest: The customer takes interest in your product. This could be a longer period of various social media paid ads. You could also consider working with influencers to create content using your product. The great thing about social advertising is you can be hyper-targeted and create look-a-like audiences or target interests. This step could take awhile.

Desire: Kind of like a heightened version of interest. Now the customer is aware of your product/brand, they’re interested, and they actually desire the product. They’re very closely considering purchasing. You may achieve this by retargeted the audience that interacted with your ad previously. You could do this on the Google display network, YouTube, Facebook, etc., Retargeting using user generated content would also be very successful (people tend to trust people, and distrust brands).

Action: They’re ready to buy! Here’s where a landing page comes into play. A highly compelling offer should be used here. If you get them to the page, you don’t want to give them any reason to leave it. You may want to build a landing page only for this purpose, as the offer may not be one you want to offer to all customers.

Are you neglecting any portion of the journey? Could shifting your focus and money toward the first three actually drive more conversions? It’s time to start experimenting.

Take aways:

  • Nurture your customer before they’re your customer
  • Find ways to add value to the customer; don’t just sell and advertise!
  • Examples; helpful blog posts, videos, FAQ’s, community interaction
  • Outline your customers journey and define 2–3 touch points you can implement for each step.
  • Consider what a customer is worth to you and define an offer that matches this for your landing page.