10 seconds, GO!

My favorite social media platform I go to for story telling is snapchat. Snapchat is doing an amazing job in cultivating the idea of new and fast, especially for millennials who known for having a short attention span and reply on obtaining information in a quick entertaining manner. Recently, they have partnered up with companies to publish fast, easy, and fun stories in a matter of seconds. Stories vary from celebrities, music, sports, news, entertainment, technology, culture etc.

(e.g., DailyMail, Entermainment weekly, Vogue, people, Buzzfeed, ENews, The Economist, Cosmopolitan, MTV, Tastemade, ESPN, Food Network, Mashable, Mitu, iHeartRADIO, CNN,The Washington Post, National Geographic,SNL, ect)

Picture from www.Snapchat.com/ads/snap-ads

In Between stories, Snapchat allows advertisements, but as users — we can choose to skip them . The advertisements shown are limited to Snachats own objective of ten seconds or less, which is again very convenient for people who do not like advertisements.

Picture from MidaKix.com

My favorite thing that Snapchap does is live stream stories on certain events. For example, Monday, April 3, 2017 was opening day for Major League Baseball. Everyone who has a snapchap account had access to live stream their snapchat stories using geofilters. It allowed subscribers who were not physically at the event feel as if they were in attendance. The MLB stories snapchap published were from all over the U.S. (e.g., Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA , Oakland Athletics Stadium, Oakland CA, Mets Stadium in New York, NY, ect) To get more information about the game ad initiative, clink on the following link.

Geofilters from Snapchat

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