Dear Male Execs and VCs: “Lean In” with us for the Long Haul
Dedra Chamberlin

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Change is going to take a steady, consistent pace. Our brains are hard-wired to have heightened reactions to impending threats and right now, for men, female entrepreneurs and employees pose the threat of this type of accusation. I wrote about it here:

What men in positions of power need to do is actively and consciously force themselves to operate outside of their comfort zones until those comfort zones expand to include women founders and executives. This means ignoring that “gut feeling” about someone and taking bigger risks on this group than you’ve been willing to in the past. They will still be smaller than the risk that you take on with most of your other investments, because the women required so much more tenacity and grit just to get into that room.

Until they are willing to ignore their own instincts (acknowledging that instinct comes from a place of bias), men will not move the needle at all, in which case, women have to invest more — a lot more — in each other, until the wins become too big to ignore.

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