Creative Writing Workshop.

As I’m sitting here, the smell of coffee lifts over everything else. It actually makes my mouth salivate for a little coffee. An iced latte.The sound of people chattering all around invades the room. People saying hi, people ordering all types of drinks. And a lot of angry faces, either because they need their coffee or the workers at &café are taking way too long. A lot of groups come in looking for a table but many can’t find one, because people like me are taking up the space.


After a while of watching around people start to notice that I’m watching them. Maybe I’m not as sly as I think. It suddenly smells like they’re baking cookies and they’re putting in the ones I love the most. Macadamia.The smell drifts all over &café and now I not only want coffee but also a cookie.The talk around me basically sounds like business talk all the time, it could really be business talk. Or talk about business classes.

A lot of familiar faces pass me by. Many of them used to be my classmates and many ask me what I’m doing right now. Others ask me where I’ve been. They all get a face of surprise when I tell them that I changed majors.

People in line. Or. Life. Or what.

People in lines tend to be very interesting. Or they may seem like it. A lot of the people around me are people I’ve never seen before. I was used to knowing many of the people around me. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 23 and it’s the third time you change majors.

I used to hang out here all the time but I don’t come here quite as often anymore.

The line at &café is always full of people and I just love staring at their faces.

There’s a man with a white shirt and khaki pants, very engineer looking. But the best part about him is his face. It looks like he’s thinking about something important, or something worrying. He probably had a rough morning and basically hates the people at &café. He bites his nail with a lot of intention.. He is definitely nervous about something. Could it be that he’s late to class? Is his wife pissed at him? Or is it something on his phone?

He orders his coffee with a very soft-spoken voice but is very specific about the coffee he wants. Hand gestures and everything. “Up to here.” Pretty much being a pain in the ass. Hopefully the people making his coffee wont take this seriously. Or who knows… maybe they spit into coffees.

The two people behind him are both texting on their phones. And both of them are smiling.. at what? Maybe her boyfriend is speaking to her, or she got the day off at work. He looks like he’s extremely anxious for his coffee. He scans around the room to see if he can find someone he knows, but sadly no one is here. He stares patiently at the girl in front and then looks hungrily at all the assortment of deserts. He lingers a little longer on the cherry pie.

The girl grabs her coffee and starts chatting up with the girl that’s serving her. They know each other. The other girl asks about “the guy” the other girl just laughs, throws her hair and asks her to call her later. “All of them are the same”.

A man approaches the stern faced man, and asks him about politics. He barely responds. The other man inquires about his baby daughter, “When is Alice turning one?”.

“In two months”. Short reply, same stern face. He is on his phone on his calculator, calculating things. He’s probably into finance. The look on his face shows that he’s actually waiting for someone. He bites down on his brownie and keeps staring at the entrance.

There’s an older man in the line behind me. He ‘s blonde and around his sixties. He looks foreigner. The best part about him is his glasses. They are very modern and they are red on the inside of the rim and black on the outside. They make him look like a sort of architect or a designer. The other best part of him is his red-checkered running shoes. I believe that his favorite color may be red and that he likes to be bold about life. He is extremely concentrated on his phone and on his work. He orders an espresso and a glass of water. Is he American? Or European?

Another man gets in line and he is carrying a lime green helmet strapped on to his red Toyota backpack. Ha may have arrived today in his bicycle. This may be brave as riding a bicycle in the city is extremely dangerous and cars do not respect people on bikes, but he seems to have arrived well without a scratch. His face is very peaceful and he looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. As the &café employee hands him his coffee smiling he fails to grab it and it spills all over the counter. His face isn’t that peaceful anymore.

A friend of mine stops by with his orange shirt and his hair all combed. Last time I saw him he wasn’t like this. He gives me the impression of having changed some during this time that I haven’t seen him. He genuinely asks about what I’m doing now and he starts telling me that he was held back for a year and that he may have the possibility of graduating in May if he takes a ridiculous amount of classes. I hope and I actually tell him to take it easy, in the end he will graduate. No need to sacrifice sanity to get to the goal. Another friend of mine stops by, he actually asks me if I can find him a job as an actor. He says he can be a tree in the new play that I’m in. He actually wants to be a spanking tree. When I ask that this is:

“A tree that spanks the actresses to help keep them in character and not lose concentration”. Alrighty then.

A third girl stops by and asks what I’m doing now. She says its good to see me around here.

Thanks I guess. I also missed this old routine of mine.