Project based on the creation of a traveling elevator.

Oct 3, 2023


By Valérie Bosaki

Project presentation of the traveling elevator during science week in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Many people working at height using stairs or ladders have ended up in most cases risking their lives, we go further even by talking about the very remarkable loss of human life or fractures leaving them with enormous defects because without considerable support, the ladder system does not guarantee any safety and is only recommended for low heights of 2 or 3m, even in this case in the event of a slip the damage remains enormous, this is why we wanted to provide a solution for these people who risk their lives every day at more than 90%, a solution that we call “walking elevator”
The mobile elevator is a very interesting project within our company, it allows you to work at height with much more safety of course while minimizing the risk of harming yourself or yourself.
Many will ask the question, who can use it?
The answer is simple, this traveling elevator only concerns people who carry out work at height, we cite: technicians who take care of the maintenance of overhead power lines, painters, masons and construction engineers, people who put up advertising panels... on the one hand, on the other hand we would have the cases of stores and factories to lift loads and why not enter households in the event of installation of an antenna (TV) and in the case of fire (for a house on two floors it can help to move lives in danger from top to bottom,) etc. From this we see with certainty the extent of use of our prototype.
Since my adolescence, I have let myself be carried away by the dream of invention and innovation, which dreams pushed me to follow the engineering course at the “university of science and technology” where I study robotics and systems. embarked in the electrical engineering department, this to develop a more intense desire for problem solving through technology.
At the beginning it was like a game, we worked on small projects and simulations but in our minds we kept asking ourselves existential questions concerning the realization of our multiple projects, looking for partners, one day one of my friends told me sent the open skies poster, where we simply had to apply for training, we tried our luck and after multiple trainings, our project was accepted, OPEN SKIES gave us the opportunity to get real what was not only the fruit of a thought through financing.
The creation of the prototype was not an easy task because it brought together several disciplines such as: materials sciences, resistance of materials, electrical machine and control of electrical machines, electrical diagram, electronic circuit, Arduino programming, control by application via Google assistant…
System modeling

After having done the modeling with the SketchUp software, we proceeded to purchase the materials necessary for the creation of our prototype, the first time was always difficult, we experienced several problems linked to the stability of the structures. After several days we were able to put in place a stable structure and we started the part which links electricity, mechanics and IT. This was not at all easy, we had to resort to the power electronics laboratory to learn certain things.
Electronic speed variator

After having the information we were looking for, we were able to create our first prototype.
Our prototype

The image above is our first prototype, we plan to make advertisements and we still hope that with the help of open skies and OpenMap Development, we could ultimately make our solution accessible to the population.
This can be a good teaching material for teachers.