The Best Things Are Underground

When you go to any coffee shop on or near a college campus you can expect there to be a lot of lap tops and books taking up the tables next to a cup of hot coffee. You can expect just that when you walk into the Underground Coffeehouse located on north campus of Western Washington University. When I go to the coffeehouse, I always choose between a mocha or a vanilla latte and it’s always just the right temperature. I often use this space for studying and getting my work done, but not always. For this reason, I love how welcoming this environment is and how it draws you in to either work or socialize.

Upon walking into the Underground Coffeehouse you will go to the round counter were you make and pick up your order. Admittedly they are not the fastest, so if you are in a rush I do not recommend stopping by. It can get a bit noisy in there with the coffee making, the order yelling, and just the general chatter of others but their products are well worth it. They have a lovely soup-of-the-day, different coffee options and lots of tea.

After you finally get your drink and food of choice, you can either leave or go find a seat. This choice is much more difficult than the food choice and it all depends on why you’re there. You can choose to sit in the main floor area or behind the booths. I personally prefer the main area so I can sit on a comfy couch and socialize with people around me. However, if you go behind the booths you’ll be by the windows. Sitting by the windows gives you a feel of fresh air and nature. It gives a little motivation to get your work done faster so you can go enjoy the beauty of Bellingham. However, the windows can be quite distracting as well because you are constantly thinking about being outside by the bay.

With lots of college students there trying to get their homework and studying done, you will find that a lot of people have their heads down or have their headphones in. This may make you a little hesitant to talk to someone or to sit by them. The use of headphones and their focus makes for a semi un-social environment, which happens more behind the booths of the coffeehouse. If you stay in main entrance of the coffee shop you will, more often than not, see groups of friends, colleagues or study groups socializing and making more eye contact with others.

Not only is the Underground Coffeehouse great for getting all your work done, they also hold events. On Tuesday nights they have Open-Mic Night and on Wednesday’s they hold concerts. With these events the environment changes completely. It goes from a few small groups or individuals sitting by themselves to larger groups sitting together to enjoy one show.

The location of the Underground Coffeehouse couldn’t be any better. It’s about a one-minute walk from the library, a five-minute walk from Red Square, which is the main location for most required classes on campus and where people tend to socialize on nice days, and just down a few steps from the book store. It is a productive environment during the day that allows you to feel more relaxed than you would in a Starbucks. It’s a comfortable setting with good lighting and lots of convenient resources. By night it becomes a local hot spot for people looking for entertainment. If you can get over the distractions, the Underground Coffeehouse is the best place to work or socialize on the WWU campus, rain or shine.