Missing Church in July
Paul Malan

Funny, I have the same feeling about missing church in July, but it relates to the Pioneers. I am Ho-Chunk, and find the discussion about Columbus being guided to God, ridiculous. He was sailing on behalf of a king and queen with legacy issues. He carried along with him a papal bull that said he could conquer all in his path in the name of God. Millions of indigenous peoples were killed. Sorry, this was not a man guided by God. He was guided by greed, hate, and white supremacy. Sure I can accept that the Americas were preserved for the church of Jesus Christ to be raised up, but not the papal bull about religious persecution and the pioneers were the only people ever hunted down by the government because of their religious beliefs. Our religious freedoms were not reinstated until 1978. All this papal bull comes around every year in July. I am tired of Sunday School teachers saying that the Lamanites deserved what happened to them because God, and all the people who came from Europe and beyond were guided here by God, and the only people who were ever persecuted by the government…yadda, yadda, yadda. I am tired of members of the church who say that we deserved small pox ridden blankets, bounties on our heads, forced assimilation, and so forth, because we are descendants of the Lamanites. And they, the descendants of the Nephites deserve the world and church in which we live. Sigh, it is just July 3rd.

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