Valerie Topete: How To Change Your Bike Tires

Valerie Topete is proud to be a bike courier in New York City. Because she depends on her bike to earn a living, she takes really good care of it. When something does go wrong, she knows how to make the repairs. One of the first things she learned was how to change a bike tire. If you own a bike you should know how to do it too.
Start by loosening the nuts that hold the axle to the bicycle frame. You should be able to loosen them with your fingers. You may want to spray some lubricant on the nuts if they are too hard to twist. You may also need to release the brake if it gets in the way of removing the wheel.
Next, you will need to deflate the tube and remove it from the tire. You may need to pry the tire from the rim with something pointed. Be careful when doing this as you do not want it to slip and harm you.
Replace the inner tube and put it back in the tire. Put the tire back on the wheel and slowly air up the tube. As it airs up, the tube and tire should seal on the wheel. Make sure you air it up to the correct tire pressure. Replace the wheel back on the bike frame and tighten the nuts.
If you own a bicycle like Valerie Topete and ride it often or depend on it for work, you need to know how to make simple repairs. One of the most basic repairs you can learn to make is to change the bike tire. Keep the above tips in mind if you need to change one.
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