6 Great Rock Covers That Are As Good As Originals

Besides their original records, the bands gladden their fans with great rock covers they do. There are some I really adore. Both from my favourite groups and the ones I barely know, here are my top 6 music covers (so far).

1) This Wild Life Sleepwalking

Needless to say, Bring Me The Horizon are huge and have millions of fans over the globe. I can’t deny — I do have some songs of them I like a lot. Sleepwalking is one of such songs. Once I got used to Oli’s vox I’ve heard This Wild Life cover of this song. Performed acoustically, it differs a lot from the original, but yet has something captivating. Not too “sweet” but much more tender and soft, it’s perfect for a quiet evening.

2) Our Last Night Black Beatles

Sometimes I am guilty of listening to mainstream hip hop. So I’ve heard of Rae Sremmurd. What I haven’t heard is Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles in its initial sound. But I got to know this song thanks to one of Our Last Night covers. I could still guess that the song originally came from hip-hop background but alongside with keeping its primary spirit boys added some modern post-hardcore vibes. To my personal view, the song sounds more interesting and has some sort of developing exactly in cover.

3) Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) Wonderwall

Considering Jesse Barnett age (as he said himself) this song and band were huge when he was young. What I am talking about is Wonderwall by Oasis. Firstly, when Jesse performed it acoustically, I did not recognize it, so I opened Youtube to listen to the prime version. Well, my memory told me I’ve heard of it (I was 2 when it came out but pretty sure I heard it later). Jesse loved Wonderwall Oasis cover made by Ryan Adams. But I do prefer the original (with all its 90-s spirit and sound) and Jesse’s cover which was so sincere and pure, I guess.

Next 3 covers are from Rock Sound Worship and Tributes 2015 issue. And I think they are amazing.

4) Architects Wait and Bleed

I know that Slipknot is an iconic band for both musicians and fans. But I was never into their music and never understood their art that well. For sure, I respect them as musicians and their contribution to rock music but Wait and Bleed cover done by Architects is just so good. They succeeded in putting their own spin on it without changing its recognizable metal sound from 00-s (this song was almost from 2010 but still). And, undoubtedly, Sam Carter did an outstanding vocal work singing Wait & Bleed.

5) Hacktivist Rock Superstar

Well, I wasn’t even born when Cypress Hill was formed. I’ve heard of them much later but anyway I am not a West Coast hip hop fan at all. But I am a big fan of Hacktivist and their Cypress Hill Rock Superstar cover. What the lads from Hacktivist do is add djent. Like everywhere. But I don’t mind. When I hear “So you wanna be a rock superstar” with a heavy British accent and how the djenty breakdown entwines in the hip hop groove, I understand — this is it. It’s the stuff I can relate to.

6) Neck Deep Juneau

To be fair, before writing this article I had no need to listen to the original. I am such a fan of the cover. Funeral For A Friend Juneau song in its initial view sounds too ‘emoish’ to me. So, if I came across the original, I would probably switch it off. But Neck Deep music differs as well as the cover they did. And, maybe, thanks to this difference in music, genres, age, backgrounds and other stuff we all will never know, Juneau cover turned out to be fresher, more up-to-date and like their own. Yeah, their own, because I would never think it’s a cover if I didn’t know it.

To sum it up

After reading my thoughts about the covers you might ask why the hell I wrote “Great Rock Covers That Are As Good As Originals” if in 90% I wrote that I loved covers more. Well, because I think we should respect musicians who wrote the lyrics and composed the music, who performed the song and made it so special that other people wanted to cover it. At the same time, I am impressed by the way how the bands who made the covers did these versions alike to their own songs and style. And, what’s more important, making it possible to keep some peculiarities and flavours of original songs.

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