Mauro Fantechi — In Loving Memory

Mauro Fantechi

Mauro Fantechi, Lightstreamer co-founder and beloved colleague, untimely passed away on August 7, 2016.

A serial entrepreneur and a genuine life lover, Mauro gave an invaluable contribution to the growth of Information Technology since 1987.

Born in Tuscany and later settled in Thiene (Vicenza), Mauro never ceased to be an extraordinary human being, always moved by an authentic curiosity towards sciences and arts.

Through his work he always strived to reach excellent quality and build great relations, and he definitely reached his goal.

A true gentleman with an impeccable taste, an outstanding professional and a great friend for us all, he will be fondly missed.

Biographical Note

Mauro was born in Florence. After seven years as a VP Technology at Unirel Srl, in 1994 Mauro founded Unirel Sistemi Srl, a computer software company focused on clustering technology. In 1997, he created Babel Srl, a company active in the Network Security field. After the acquisition of Unirel Sistemi by Stonesoft Corp, he became R&D Director at Stonesoft. In 2002, Mauro became CEO of Par-Tec Spa, a hi-tech company focused on software development. In 2004, he co-founded Lightstreamer, where he led its business operations as the co-CEO.