Maybe you remember my first article about IOTA ( after two years nothing changed!

Actual POW is not compatible with IoT solutions, one idea proposed by IOTA is to delegate POW to an external trusted node, this is wrong.

Trusted node

POW is used on IOTA as an anti-DOS measure but:

so if you want to spam the tangle many public nodes will help you! Thanks!

On embedded devices, this approach is very stupid because:

Valerio Vaccaro and Davide Guarnieri — June 2019

Executive summary

In September 2017 we start some test on an embedded device able to communicate GPS position via SigFox from the middle of the Adriatic sea (; this year we had the opportunity to test our board on a light aircraft!

Using our boards and the platform available at we performed some tests in Mezzano Bigli, Italy (http:// using a light aircraft.

Soon bitcoin will turn 10 years, a lot of data is available in the blockchain, I decided to start an analysis about some data we get from this firsts 10 years. Software needed:


The first step is to extract a dataset for all blocks between 0 and actual heigh, we can use bitcoin iterate (plus a full-node) using the following command.

./bitcoin-iterate --block='%bN %bs %bc %bl %bn' > blocks.csv

Or you can download the result file on update daily.

We can analyze this dataset with a simple R script, first step is import…

What is SFYL?

SFYL is a new high-performance public permissionless distributed blockchain project based on the most promising technologies, the same platform will work like a distributed trustless collaboration platform.

SFYL provides new high-performance low-fees public blockchains capable of executing smart contracts without the use of external oracles; our “stability” language allows information from the SFYL ledger, from other public/private ledger (BTC, BCH, MIOTA, WER, SUK, NODE, FIX, KKK and BURP)and external data sources (HTTP, HTTPS, AQMP, AFUJ, JJTY, WDRE and YHHR v. 3) and supports the main data encryption standards (including SSL, TLS, GHJ, HHK3, WRT, JKL and HJK-L).

SFYL blockchain framework…

In my “previous life” I was working on IoT (for several years) and actually I’m still interested in (I)IoT technologies plus I learn a lot about Bitcoin and blockchain.

Many people try to find mix Blockchain and IoT in order to:

  • simplify communication between nodes in IoT solutions,
  • increase the communication security,
  • allow payments between nodes (e.g. my smart device can pay for some services when needed ).

In my opinion, there are four possible scenarios that I will briefly describe.

BaCoP — Blockchain as a Communication Platform

This is the case when you plan to move communications completely on blockchain avoiding other ways of communication(e.g. …

Who don’t need a connected button???

Immagine a button who automatically send a message via WiFi to your server and start your heating, or trigger the start of your favorite film on your TV. It’s time to build one!

Materials needed:

  • the button enclosure plus a switch and battery holder — I found out a low-cost push light in an elegant white enclosure perfect for realizing this button (and big enough to not lose in a messy environment)
  • the WiFi board — I chose a very simple and low cost ESP8266

It’s time to introduce another board, today I will speak about the Orange Pi One.

The Orange Pi One is a low cost (lower than Raspberry) alternative to the Raspberry Pi or another credit card size board for run Linux with the following hardware specification:

  • CPU H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K
  • GPU Mali400MP2 GPU @600MHz
  • SDRAM 512MB DDR3
  • TF card (Max. 64GB) / MMC card slot
  • 10/100M Ethernet RJ45
  • HDMI output with HDCP
  • USB 2.0 Ports
  • 40 Pins Header for GPIO

The first step is to download the OS image and write it on a micro SD card, the Armbian…

Another Arduino?

Yes and no.

MKRFOX1200 is a new board that allows us to deploy new kind of projects due to peculiar characteristics:

  • compatible with battery powered scenarios due to the low power consumption of Cortex-M0+
  • able to communicate short messages without internetconnection
  • 100% compatibles with Arduino ecosystem (same IDE, same libs, …)

I bought some Raspberry Pi and now some Orange Pi but I never play with GPIO … It’s time to use it.

First we have to understand what kind of GPIO are present on the board connector, for example in the case of Orange Pi we have the following GPIO.

Not bad! But what about software? On Raspberry Pi there is the interesting WiringPi lib that allows you to use in a very simple manner all this GPIOs.

The readme says:

WiringPi is a GPIO access library written in C for the BCM2835 used in the Raspberry Pi.

On the…

Valerio Vaccaro

Engineer, Bitcoiner, Data Scientist, IoT Expert and Tech Enthusiast. Co-founder of @scamcoinbot. Dad of @otsproofbot.

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