Is this person Data Scientist or Data Analyst?

Recently I had a discussion at my company,, about the difference between Data scientists and Data Analysts. Even though I gave a talk named — Why you would never find a Data Scientist, and I believe that Data Scientist is a terrible title, due to demand from my team, I had to keep this job title at

If we can try to describe a variety of job titles in three dimensions (Domain-Dev-Math), it will be something like that (we don’t have all possible roles here, though)

Dirichlet distribution of data jobs

In reality, we have even more skills and dimensions; thus, we use the following to be more precise.

Person closely working with product managers and stakeholders, answering questions about what happened, why this happened, what will happen and what we can do to prevent/improve/achieve; this usually requires visualization/storytelling/presentation skills.

A person wrangling the data for finance is also a data analyst.

SQL + minor to moderate coding + knowledge of math/stats + heavy domain knowledge



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