A message to Elon Musk

Valery Somiety
Sep 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Lithium why mine it if you can grow it.

Today as well as tomorrow there will an every increasing demand for the earths precious mineral and resources. Currently the US corporately controlled government is criminally culpable for war crimes and a long list of unthinkable injustices to people and nations around the globe.

But that’s not why I would like to send out this message to Elon. I want to let Elon and everyone else to know that these needless crimes against humanity are completely unnecessary; why one should ask? Because new knowledge has been revealed that suggests that the natural processes of earth actually creates and forms these precious metals and materials.

In example we are currently taught that all these precious metals and minerals were created by super novas of suns and were transported to the earth by meteorites or just drifting around in the vast space of the universe and present as the earth was formed. What a bunch of bull crap and total nonsense speculation. What being to be reviled is that all the minerals present on the earth were all formed here less the few vary rare ones that have absolutely been identified as elements form else where. These rare meteorites are composed of elements that are not found on earth. There simple not on the periodic chart of elements.

What I am stating is that over the last billion or so years the earth our earth has been doing what all planets do, planets convert the energy coming from their respected suns and continuously preform natural processes that form all the elements that we currently find present around the planet.

If in example we look a little closer at lithium and where it is found around the globe, we can begin to identify natural conditions that are present where lithium forms.

I will site a couple that we can do some analysis.

The Bolivia salt flats where it is believed that half the reserves of lithium in the world reside. The Nevada lithium mines though to be the only lithium mine in North American.

So what do these sites have in common several things actual a couple oblivious things both are basically near desert environment receiving vary little rain. 2nd both are flat valley basins that when these basins do receive rain shallow lake form but quickly evaporate. It is believed that these evaporation ponds are part of the natural process that form the lithium. Ones the lithium is formed additional rains cause excess lithium to leach into the ground and ground water. This cycle has been occurring and reoccurring for millions of years, the exact process of converting water into lithium is not yet know but studies are beginning to be done.

These natural process of alchemy and the forming of all the elements of the periodic chart needs to be our highest priority. If these processes can be understood and replicated under laboratory condition, then industrialized we could provide both the precious elements and minerals that could help use end our insane use of so called fossil fuels. Resource wars need to end, greed should not be allowed to rule the world.

If we cannot fix the every increase use of these extremely damaging energy source nuclear included and by far the biggest mistake we every made as civilization, then I am with Elon I to need of the planet asap.

Valery Somiety

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Observer of Magnetic energy creating matter and time, allowing Self to discover self.