Do you have a good Imagination?

Image my frustration.

Ed’s sundial at Rock Gate in Homestead FL

For just a moment image this scenario. In a world crumbling, falling apart at the seams, a global population of seven plus billion, a declining bio-sphere, a world with a real immediate need for alternative clean energy sources.

So if you agree or disagree with my assessment what does that have to do with me?

Image a little further with me, suppose an individual possessed knowledge that could help every known science advance exponentially over the course of the next few years.

Enter me, I have that knowledge it is what some would call the theory of everything. I will not be so bold as to call what I have TOE, but what I do know is that my coherent model that describes and explains everything form the sub-atomic particle and the processes that occur within to the processes of gravity and a complete understanding of what it truly is and does.

So regardless of your technological back ground, I would assume that most would belief that this is a most wonderful discovery right?

Surely even I myself would be skeptical, and I would suggest to all to be skeptical. I understand that and have no problem with that because; I will start offering the proof to the statements I have made.

Problems: well there are some problems for starters, if I really have as stated TOE then I would also process a unique ability to analysis the work being done in every scientific endeavor to date. I can and I do and what I found disturbed me.

You see as I looked around on-line I found individuals who were doing research and even creating devices that worked. Great right, well yes and most importantly not so great. What do I mean? Well I am not a conspiracies theory lover but, what I read and people I talked to in first person suggested to me that there are powerful interests that do not want these devices or knowledge of them to be release publicly.

I can and I will list some examples: Let’s start with Stan Meyers. I will keep this brief; if you are interested you can research it more thoroughly on-line.

Stan in the 90’s built a dune buggy that ran on water. Meyer’s had developed an unconventional fuel cell device that defied the laws of conservation of thermodynamics.

If you research it to day you will see that no one has successfully reproduced his experiments. Meyers demonstrated his device numerous times including to the Patent office were he was awarded a patent.

If you do research Meyers the evidence will suggest that he was fraud.

What do believe?

I believe the device worked; why do I believe that because I have the knowledge needed to recreate the device and explain the actual processes that are taking place to do so.

Secondly Meyers is not alone, there is another well documented example of hydrogen and oxygen being dissociated into gaseous form by a process completely baffling the entire scientific community.

Meet the late inventor John Kanzius; John died from cancer but during his treatment therapy, he was overwhelmed witnessing children suffering through the treatments that he was also receiving.

John was attempting to find a cure which included using nanotechnology programmed to attach to cancer cells then using external radio waves to destroy the targeted cancer cells. “Google Penn state salt water on fire.”

So John’s work is confirmed by many laboratories by disbelieving scientists; the discovery is labeled a phenomenon.

Why describe it as a phenomenon? Because there is absolutely no scientific explanation for the processes that are taking place for this to happen. Why is there no explanation? Because their models of the sub-atomic structure are completely wrong. They have and continued to deny and ignore vary important observations dating back to the 18th and early 19th century.

Its not that I am so smart, it’s that they went wrong with some bad theory, the best at the time but still bad.

Now the problem is the powerful stats quo is so entrenched in bad wrong theories and that no one has the will to return to the fundamentals to search for better theories.

I did and I will continue to, but what I have to report will not be received well by the scientific community, nor will it be welcomed by the energy producing companies, nor the energy producing nations of the world.

I have already been and will continuously be discredited by those in power, as will anyone who will dare to stand with me.

What is called for is a scientific revolution and revolutions start as a grass roots movements; I will need to persuade large groups of scientist, engineers, and educated motivated individuals.

I will do so by presenting a series of short papers not to be submitted to scientific journals, but to be published in forums such as Medium.

I will begin to lay out evidence supporting my theories.

What I will be presenting here on Medium will hopefully be comprehendible by all, you won’t need a masters degree in mathematics.

Let’s get the revolution started.

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