The Demagogue’s Doom Loop
umair haque

ego sum, ego existo

i am therefore i am

self portrait

Who I Am I am

I am but one who offers to many an Archimedean point.

Is it not self evident that humanity has fallen into the trap of paralogism.

For I stand with firm conviction that I will set my lever appropriately so as to move the world.

The blind only remain blind until there eyes are made to open.

To open is mine, to open a door so the all can see is mine, mine is to close door, that no others suffer the blindness.

Blurry first sights they’ll see, first visions of chaos. Only by the passing of knowledge, can they’re sight be made clear.

The corrective lenses that they seek are the lesson of life. They’ll search here and there, looking for clues, but much remains hidden form sight.

In time they will realize their search was in vain. For that which they seek was always within. For that which they seek was hidden away not here not there. For that they seek is not in and not out. for that they seeks is within.

That which they seeking was always within, their blindness shall end in the twinkling of an eye.