Vera Ruben’s “galaxy rotation problem” the solution.

Valery Somiety
Sep 11, 2016 · 4 min read

To: research name

From: Valery Somiety

Date: 9–11–2016

Subject: Vera Ruben’s “galaxy rotation problem” the solution.

Hello I am writing to you and other researchers to invite you to join a group that will publish papers that will in fact solve the galaxy rotation problem.

This research will enable us for the first time to understand gravity and the processes that we are observing.

It’s been fourth years since Ruben and Ford made their observations of distant spiral galaxies moving in away that defies the laws of gravity.

More recently its has been estimated that three quarters of all matter in the universe move in this way. That is that three quarters of all galaxies as is our are classified spiral galaxies.

Since then there have been hypothesis which include the search for dark energy and dark mater.

That which is shared here offers an alternative solution, to explain why most of the matter is not behaving as it was predicted.

I am not sure how disturbing Ruben and Ford’s discovery was to most scientists, but it should have set alarm bells off around the world.

Instead forty years have past, we have quietly worked on that which we do not understand. Seldom even mentioned, disgust or debated.

Science is a collection of observations which we then make our best effort to interpret “theory”. Theories are then test over time and often even are best theories fail the test.

Then we improve our theories and move on, it is now one of those times.

Over the last century we have been working with theories which purposed that the speed of light was a constant, but that is now in question.

Could the speed of light be a variable?

Could the speed of light also have a relationship to the speed of gravity?

Can we make a model that can mathematically test this theory?

We begin by making observations.

1. The first observation to be analysed is that all spiral galaxies share a common component. Each spiral galaxy reveals patterns that related to the Fibonacci series and/or a Phi spiral.

2. That the distribution of matter in this case millions of stars within the galaxies, loosely conform to these patterns in both the distribution of stars and in their motion(orbital rate).

3. Ruben and Ford’s work provides that the entire galactic structure turns its self at the same rate. Thus the pattern is seen, stars near the center rotate at the same rate as the stars at the outer edge.

4. It is a well known fact that Phi patterning, as well as the Fibonacci series is evident through out nature. Its presence can be seen in organics growth structures, and energy systems.

I.E. A nautilus shell dissected reveals visible Phi pattern in organic growth. Satellite images of hurricane reveal cloud formation again following phi patterning. The hurricane as well as spiral galaxies are organized energy systems.

I purpose that the sited known relationships of matter and energy system are evidence that Phi organized systems are a fundamental property of all matter. Further I purpose that these are fractal systems, which allow Dynamical alteration within the Fractal structure.

By working under the premise that such an organization exist in all organized matter. We can now begin to test the theory by Examining our solar system.

As sited above that the motions and distribution of galactic formations are systems of energy that are governed by an expansion rate of approximately Phi or 1 to 1.618.

If we examine or solar system under this premise can we identify similar motion and spacing of the members of the solar system?

Yes to spacing, it is not a new theory it was first purposed in the 17th century, Titus Bode Law was found to be incorrect, but I suggest it was correct, but incomplete.

We can also now identify the possibility that the motion of our solar system is also governed by an energy system displaying Phi characteristics.

If in fact our solar system’s motion and spacing are displaying the same characteristics as the motion observed in galaxies, then why do all observation suggest other wise?

As stated earlier I purpose that the speed of light is directly related to the energy system that are being governed by the expansion rate of Phi. That the speed of light traveling from our sun regulated by the speed of the gravitational. That the gravitational field that starts at the center of the solar system expands at a rate of 1 to 1.618.

If in fact that were true that all observation that we have been made in the past are in fact being misinterpreted. that if the speed of light is indeed a variable it would also explain the galaxy rotational problem with out the need for dark matter or dark energy.

To begin to test this theory it was necessary to assign an axis turn rate for the sun(one full rotation period), 28.09 days is used in this example. NASA predicts a range to be 24.5 days near the equator and 35 days at polar regains.

— — — — — — Prediction — — — — — —NASA

  1. 1 x 28.09 = 28.09
  2. 1 x 28.09 = 28.09
  3. 2 x 28.09 = 56.18
  4. 3 x 28.09 = 84.02 Mercury — — — 87.969
  5. 5 x 28.09 = 140.45
  6. 8 x 28.09 = 224.72 Venus — — — 224.701
  7. 13 x 28.09 = 365.17 Earth — — — 365.256
  8. 21 x 28.09 = 589.89 Mars — — — 686.980
  9. 34 x 28.09 = 955.06
  10. 55 x 28.09 = 1544.95 Ceres — — 1680.50
  11. 89 x 28.09 = 2500.01
  12. 144 x 28.09 = 4044.96 Jupiter — 4332.58
  13. 233 x 28.09= 6544.97
  14. 377 x 28.09 = 10589.93 Saturn — 10759.22
  15. 610 x 28.09 = 17134.93
  16. 987 x 28.09 = 27724.83 Uranus — 30687.20
  17. 1597 x 28.09 = 44859.73 Neptune-60189.00
  18. 2584 x 28.09 = 72584.56 Pluto — -90465.00

Conclusion pending.

Valery Somiety

Written by

Observer of Magnetic energy creating matter and time, allowing Self to discover self.