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This is a great start now we just need to, like the juggler puts all the balls in the air at the same time, in other words look at planetary alignment as well.

Determine when sun, moon and earth are also in line with galactic center or opposite galactic center September 21, May 21. If you’ve studied the tide cycle of 28 day recurring period actually relates more closely to the rotational rate of the sun on its axis.

Where the moon on the other hand has a sidereal orbital period of 27.32161. This suggest that the moon effects are in conjunction with rotational period of the sun on axis.

We must keep in mind that there is a 250,000 mile separation to our moon as opposed to 92 million mile separation to the sun.

What is regulating the orbital rate of the moon? Coincidence?

Or Seems obvious that it may well be the rotation rate of the sun on its axis. NASA’s best suggest Suns rotational rate is 24.5 days at the equator, to 35 days at the poles.

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