My #MATLUPB201820 experience

Hey there! My name is Valeria Torres, I just finished 5th semester of English and Spanish Teaching degree at UPB, and I am here to tell you about one of my subjects from this semester. The class’ name is Methods and Approaches for Teaching Languages, and the aspect I highlight the most about this class with Professor Mora this semester is Demo Fridays. We have heard of many ideas for engaging students to our class along these five semesters but, carrying out those divergent ideas in our classroom and with the teacher’s company made those strategies meaningful and allowed us to choose which one fits better, and which ones we need to create to improve our performance as teachers.

Now talking specifically about the Demo Fridays, it is important to highlight that they were not simple fun games, because they really taught me that I can make my classes interesting by using many resources and turn learning into a fun thing to do. For example, there were many activities that I learnt in Demo Fridays and I could use with my students, and I saw they were new experiences for them to enjoy. Learning how to use music, videos, texts, tales and other resources in the classroom in a way that engages students, that teach them, not just about a language, but about a culture, and that enhances their critical thinking by putting them face to face with someone else’s opinion, so they define their own opinion and support it with arguments.




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Valeria Torres

Valeria Torres

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