Good things happen when you least expect them

As said by an old saying, “Good things come to those who wait”. As a little girl, I had never experienced snow. NEVER. This was something I had set as a goal for a long time. I recall the times I went to my mom and dad and pressure them ongoing; but as always when I talked to them, I would be told yes or sure or even yeah we’ll do it soon. These words were completely clueless. As the years passed and I had taken a break from the situation, I, as well as my brother and sister, got surprised by my parents. We were finally heading to accomplish my ‘dream’.

For those of you who are just like me and want everything to happen as soon as possible, hear me out precisely, sit back and enjoy the ride. Try not to be on edge for things to happen, they will happen when they’re meant to be.

As well as my snow experience, I had a similar experience about a year ago. As many of you might know, leaving the country in which you are living and going *forever* to live to another one, isn’t the best experience. I used to live in Uruguay when all of a sudden I got notified by my parents that we were leaving and going to Perú. I was very frustrated because I was scared to have the same experience as I did when I moved from Venezuela, where I’m from, to Uruguay. I have never been back to Venezuela since the day I moved.

As the days passed and it had been a couple of months since I had moved to Lima, Perú, my birthday was coming up. As I remember, I had already asked my parents a couple of times if we could go to Uruguay to spend at least a few days, but they didn’t seem convinced and so I left topic behind and looked forward to my life. As my birthday came, I got one of the most incredible surprises for me at that time, which was my boarding pass to go to Uruguay.

These two stories of mine are examples of life. Don’t force what’s not yet supposed to fit into your life. Things take their time.

If you are waiting for things to happen, it feels like the time is twice as slower as normally. A day passes, yet it feels like two days have passed. A week passes, but it feels like two weeks have passed. A month passes, and the same thing occurs, it feels like two months have passed. “A watched pot never boils”, we as a whole realize that when taking a look at a pot it doesn’t really prevent it from boiling, instead, the feeling of waiting makes it longer for us.

When we stop looking for things, we end up finding them. Don’t rush into things and remember that you are living just a piece of your life right now and soon will come the rest of it.

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