Artist’s book addressing the issue of migration and search for home

Digital artist Valev Laube is addressing a controversial topic is his most recent artist’s book “Journey Through The Mist”. A photography series portrays an internal picture of people’s search for home and how hundreds of thousands of people have been through this agonizing experience. The artist draws a parallel to self-discovery stating that some people are more willing to discover who they are than others and many of us are forced to do so.

Cover picture of the artist’s book featuring a New York-based Estonian dancer and choreographer Diina Tamm

In the era of globalization, one might say that traveling has become easier and people are more willing to open their communities to foreigners, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the internal process and constant doubt is gone. No matter if it is a refugee of war, discrimination, lack of opportunities or anything else, we all go through a sequence of questions. Where is my home? Is this the best place for me? Am I happy here? Should I move? Why am I alone?

The artist has vocally expressed that this is his expression of sympathy to everyone that has been forced to leave their homes for any reason.

“Nobody wants to leave a safe, welcoming place where one grows up. But, we all have our reasons for leaving, sometimes they are more violent than others but there’s always something that makes us leave and if it is tragic enough, we might never return.”

The books are handmade by the artist and can be ordered on a one-on-one basis. Digital version is available to everyone —