📍La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Niveau 1, stand 138–139)
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Snips, la plateforme vocale pour les objets connectés, participe au Maker Faire Paris 2018🤖, salon dédié au « Do It Yourself », du 23 au 25 novembre prochain à La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie à Paris.

Snips y animera deux ateliers dédiés à la création d’un assistant vocal respectueux de la vie privée (private by design) au cours desquels les makers pourront créer gratuitement leur propre assistant vocal et d’un satellite Snips.

Vendredi 23 Novembre :

14h : Atelier «…

We’re excited to announce the integration of the Snips Voice Platform with Jeedom, a leading home automation software, that brings voice-enabled IoT devices to a community of 22,000 makers. Read this blog in French 🇫🇷

⬇️ Download the free JeedomOfficial App from the Snips app store

Imagine a home where…

Imagine a home where your devices are automated. Your doors lock when you tell them to, your window shades are programmed to open and close according to your preset schedule, the morning news streams through your connected speakers as your coffee machine brews up a double espresso. …

An open-source, private-by-design coffee machine that keeps your favorite coffee and caffeination schedule private.

A DIY voice-activated coffee machine

Your voice is a powerful thing. Voice is the most natural interface between humans and machines. The practicalities of voice means it will find a home in almost any industry or organization, chiefly because of its unique advantages over other interfaces — it’s intuitive, hands and eyes-free, and accessible. Your voice is also a biometric indicator, as unique as a retina scan or fingerprint, or even your DNA. Your voice, and the things you say, should be kept private.

When the…

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