Hello everyone!
Winter came to the end and long-awaited spring is coming.

So that’s time to share what’s happened in the iOS community in the last 3 months. We’ll discover the most interesting articles on SwiftUI, iOS Architecture, RxSwift & more.

🙏 Small ask:

If you’re connected to the design process, please, help us by filling a short design survey. I know many developers work between design and engineering. So if it’s about you, thanks in advance for the help.

10 most read iOS articles this winter

🔎 SwiftUI:

Build the Apple Stocks App Using SwiftUI by Mohammad Azam
In this article, we’ll learn SwiftUI by copying a familiar Apple app, which allows…

Hello to all designers here!

I’m Valia, maker and junior designer. I was very lucky to land my first job in a tech startup — Flawless App 2 years ago. With a huge motivation and amazing support, I made a step into the design and product marketing, taking part in delivering real products. I was employee #1 at Flawless App.

Together we launched several Mac applications, among which is Flawless App, a tool to compare the expected design with the real app. We made Reduce for compressing huge Sketch files and Flawless Feedback for commenting on real-life iOS apps.


Thanks to absurd.design for these absurd illustrations that make sense :)

The creative process can be challenging.

Sometimes, ideas spark instantly. But other times it can take hours to make a one singe design. No one loves creative blocks :(

So if ideas don’t come to your mind right away, it’s useful to step away from your work. You can take a short walk or change your typical workplace. Maybe your brain just needs a bit of switching. Or you might simply need a boost of inspiration!

Here’s a list of my favorite design inspiration websites. …

Hello, our dear readers!
I’m Valia, and together with Lisa Dziuba, we’ve been curating Flawless iOS since the beginning of our publication.

Thanks to all of you, our community-driven blog has grown dramatically. It became the biggest daily updated iOS publication on Medium with 353 well-crafted tutorials and almost 200K monthly readers.

Flawless iOS provided more than 200 talented developers an opportunity to share their knowledge with the community. It’s an honor for us to lead such an active publication.

Our amazing news!

As you read today, I’m proud to announce that Flawless App joins the Abstract family. …

We all love beautiful pictures

While building a website, iOS app, or another creative project, we will use eye-catching visuals. Those pictures will trigger specific emotions among our users and will emphasize the goal behind the design. Also, they will reflect a brand’s voice, style, messaging, and target audience.

As a marketer and junior designer myself, I often look for nice visuals. I use them in articles, pet projects, banners, new adds or posts in social networks. With the power of resources mentioned in this guide, I can find hundreds of beautiful stock photos and images. And it doesn’t take me ages.

Now I am…

Hello everyone!
Autumn has come 🍁People are coming back from vacations and keep sharing iOS goodies! In the last 2 weeks, our community blog received many interesting iOS tutorials, both new or written previously. Enjoy them 🙌

Tools & resources & news

🎉 We released a big update for Flawless Feedback
So giving feedback on the live iOS apps is 10 times easier 👌Now you can mirror app via cable, comment on app animations, group feedback into projects, share screen-by-screen or a whole project and collaborate with your team! Give a try to Flawless Feedback 2.0

Thanks to Anais Iris for the great animation!

I love animations with the summer motives: travels, fruits, flowers…

They are so colorful, sunny, and playful! Looking on them, you can feel the sea breeze, smell fresh fruits or sense the sunset.

Enjoy these beautiful animations and kudos to great designers, who made them real.

Hello, my dear reader!

I’m so excited to share with you our big news. We decided to make our Medium blog totally community-driven 🎉 Now, the blog you’re following becomes Flawless iOS.

So what’s new?

1. Focus on iOS & design community
We dream to unite more people around iOS development and mobile design. Flawless iOS is your friendly place to learn and share knowledge.

2. Not about Flawless App anymore
Our blog mentioned articles from 37 writers! For a long time, it has been about developers and not about our products. That’s why we removed our branding & banners from publication. …

Thanks to the great designer Alex Kunchevsky for this awesome animation.

Like many of you, I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan.

And I’m very excited to see creative ideas around Game of Thrones topics — in Dribbble shots, funny animations, hilarious videos, and marketing posters. The designs community bring its best in GoT world.

Let’s enjoy!

Just last year the App Store celebrated its 10th birthday.
In 2008 it launched with 552 apps and some of them are still live inside your iPhones. Time has passed and design trends have changed dramatically.

#10yearchallenge is a good opportunity to see how fast the evolution is and notice changes in the oldest iOS apps.

Can you spot the difference?

App Store

The iPhone 2.0 software release will contain the App Store, a new application that lets users browse, search, purchase and wirelessly download third party applications directly onto their iPhone or iPod touch. …

Valia Havryliuk

Part of Flawless App team 🚀

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