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“Validation Capital is excited to join Chainlink’s Oracle Network to promote the evolution of smart contracts. Our firm looks forward to providing secure infrastructure that will support Chainlink’s gateway between blockchain and the traditional world.”

— Michael Horowitz, CEO

The Missing Link in Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the efficiency, cost, and reliability of doing business. However, until data from real world events can be securely communicated on-chain, smart contracts will be limited in their scope and impact.

Ethereum can automatically execute smart contracts, but only if all the information needed for execution is made available on-chain. This is a problem for enterprises and financial institutions that operate legacy systems, which were not designed to communicate with blockchains or within a complex transactional ecosystem. …

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About Validation Capital

Validation Capital provides secure node infrastructure and investment capital to elite cryptonetworks. Our mission is to empower an inspiring future of decentralized finance and technology.

Our Team

Validation Capital’s finance team has more than 25 years of capital markets and investing experience from firms including CIBC, BMO, and Moelis. The engineering team brings expertise in cybersecurity, network architecture, and software development from Deloitte and IBM. For over two years the team has been active in the crypto/blockchain industry through Stratx Consulting Inc.

Meet Validation Capital’s founders:


Validation Capital

Secure node infrastructure and investment capital for elite cryptonetworks

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